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Export Thunderbird to Outlook PST with compact features by USL Software

Forget the problems related to successfully export Thunderbird to Outlook PST, the Mail Extractor Pro by USL Software is here to serve you. It is fully-automated, multipurpose mail converter which can be used to several purposes.

Use it to convert Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox Mail Database, Apple Mail, MBOX to PST data file format for MS Outlook for mac, Office 365 and Outlook for Windows.

Solution to export Thunderbird to Outlook PST

The varied features of the Mail Extractor Pro ensure that every aspect of the conversion of mails is handled by it, nothing is left after for you. The tool has premium features which ensure that the user has access to all the comforts possible during the export of Thunderbird to Outlook PST.

Also, operating it is easy for beginners as well as regulars, since its Graphic User Interface is designed to serve everyone.

export thunderbird to outlook

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook PST:

This tool converts Apple Mail database, Apple Mailbox Export (EMLX) to MS Outlook 2011, 2015, 2016 and 2019 for Mac and Outlook for Windows format.

Outlook PST from MBOX format:

This tool can be used similarly to import MBOX content to Outlook PST, this tool has got compatibility with all MBOX formats.

Convert Thunderbird/ Postbox to Outlook PST format:

This tool specializes in the task of exporting Thunderbird to Outlook PST. You can easily use it convert Thunderbird to MS Outlook PST file format.

Supports Unicode content:

The cases of incomplete conversion and corruption of data is not a rare case with the task to export Thunderbird to Outlook PST. One of the most usual reasons behind this is incompetence of the tool used to recognize unique content.

This tool on the other hand recognizes all sorts of data elements- even those with foreign languages. Its Unicode compatibility makes it a favorite among people who have got files in non-English languages and languages with double-byte characters.

export thunderbird to outlook pst

Preserves all the data components:

Buying this tool lets you remain carefree about the entire procedure involved in exporting Thunderbird to Outlook PST. It is capable of preserving nested messages and attachment files, with every bit of them intact throughout the process.

Easy installation and user-friendly GUI:

Using this tool makes the entire process of exporting Thunderbird to Outlook PST quite easy for you. The Graphic User Interface has been designed in a way to make the conversion process easy for even those who are using this tool for the first time.

Converts files in bulk manner to save time:

You can also choose this tool in case you need your results with exporting Thunderbird to Outlook PST sooner. Faster results are made possible by this tool by converting files in bulk manner.

Free evaluation copy available:

If you are hesitant about right away investing into the full version of the tool, you can always try its free trial version.

thunderbird to outlook pst

Also, the support email id is [email protected] for queries, feel free to reach us anytime.

change from ost to pst

Change OST to PST for Windows & Mac Outlook

Importing an OST file in Outlook can be tedious. For carrying this out, you need to change OST to PST format which is really troublesome. The complete procedure for carrying this out manually is vague and full of risks. That is why it is necessary that you convert OST to PST format with the help of software. To one’s benefit, there are some free software in the market which can make this task easy. This article is all about how to choose one.

Change OST to PST (MS Outlook)

Changing OST to PST is a common routine in professional circles. But it has been stained by loss of data, huge time lapses and the obvious risk of losing job or reputation. For this purpose, many companies launched various products which can help you cover this task with ease.

So, what are the attributes in an OST to PST Converter tool which you should look out for?

Here are a few tips:-

  • The tool should be easy to use – What is the purpose of using a tool if it does not help in lightening your burden? Make sure that the tool you choose has an easy to use Graphic user interface. Its interface should be self-explanatory and highly graphic.
  • The tool should extract OST from all sources – If you can only convert OST files from one source with a tool, will it serve any purpose? No. Make sure, the tool is highly equipped to deal with all kinds of OST files and convert them easily to PST format.
  • The tool should give you option of choosing OST files you want to convert – The tool should make your task easy, remember? So if you want to convert only two or three files the tool should help you in achieving that goal, not restrict your options.
  • The tool should give you multiple options for output too. So that, when you want to change your OST files to files of other formats, you can.
  • The tool should be able to preserve your folder hierarchy accurately. This particular requirement saves you a lot of trouble in the post-conversion process.
  • The tool should be able to support text in all languages including ASCII. You won’t need any other tool to convert that mail which came from china or India for that matter.
  • The tool should be able to convert bulk files easily. Whatever strategy it uses, it should be so accurate and wonderful so that the process does not lose any data or speed.
  • Talking of speed, the tool should have conversion rate of at least 10 GB per 10 minutes.
  • The tool should allow users to establish the conversion capacity of the OST files because in PST format they are bound to be very big and heavy.
  • The tool should have a free trial version at all cost.

Get OST Extractor Pro to Change OST to PST

There are many tools which come close to these aforementioned attributes. But I will direct you to that tool which can immediately set you on OST to PST Conversion with ease.

change ost to pst

Get it here:

changing ost to pst

This tool is OST Extractor Pro. The tool is from USL software, a prominent name in this field.  The tool has all the aforementioned features in its prime form and a free trial version. Grab your copy now and change OST to PST.

olm file to mac mail

Import OLM file into Mac Mail – Sophistication and Simplicity in One Tool!

Directly it is not possible to import olm file into Mac Mail. Here is the tool you need for converting olm file into Mac Mail supported file format.

Import OLM file into Mac Mail

Very few times you get a software solution that is both sophisticated and simple. And when it comes to email migration, you do need these two integral forces of any software that makes it great.

Sadly, most email migration tools are missing those.

Today, we are talking about “OLM Extractor Pro“. A tool specifically designed to let you import data from OLM files into Mac Mail through file conversion. It is developed and published by USL Software that is about to change how you migrate your Outlook data.

Import OLM file into Mac Mail

Converting OLM file into Mac Mail – ‘OLM Extractor Pro’

The only thing you need to know before hand is that OLM format is not possible to be imported on any email client other than Mac Outlook itself. So Outlook to Mac Mail data migration gets tricky. By converting OLM into Mac Mail compatible files is the only viable option, and “OLM Extractor Pro” works wonderfully in doing that.

converting OLM into Mac Mail

So, here are the features that has made the tool the best in this category:

  1. You can select any number of OLM files by putting them all under a single folder. It’s a highly valuable ability to convert large number of files at once.
  2. It has a very simple UI. It allows all users regardless of experience or technical knowledge to convert data without any bogged down by the advanced features.
  3. The tool converts the folders containing the contacts and calendar data into VCF and ICS files automatically, unless you uncheck the folders before converting.
  4. One of the best features of “OLM Extractor Pro” is its set of algorithms that process the contents with accuracy. Email files like OLM can be complex, containing large number of different forms of data types (images, attachments, headers, etc.). Only this tool can convert all of them safely to the new format, which is Mac Mail in this context.
  5. You can also use it to convert OLM files to many other different formats. Mac Mail is one of the option to choose as output file. You can convert OLM to Entourage, Thunderbird, and even standard MBOX and EML Files.
  6. The option to save read and unread emails after conversion into separate folders is a highly valuable feature. Considering many generic file converters fail to even preserve the status of emails as read or unread.

converting olm file into mac mail

Get it to Import OLM file into Mac Mail

You can buy the tool using one of the several licenses available, depending on how many computers you need to install it into. The license range from personal to small scale company to large corporations.

If you want to give it a shot first, get the installer file below. It’s a small setup file that you can download instantly without giving any information. You can then start using it directly in a free trial mode which converts ten items within each folders inside OLM files.

Try it here:

Get it today to import OLM file into Mac Mail.

olm to pst converter tool

OLM to PST Converter tool for Mac and Windows

OLM to PST converter tool that does its job impressively well for both large scale advanced projects and for basic home users. Featuring intuitive UI, advanced algorithms, 24×7 support, and more!

OLM to PST Converter Tool

OLM and PST are two data files that are used with Mac and Windows Outlook respectively. You can import the PST from Windows Outlook to its Mac version, but you cannot import OLM to Windows. This creates a problem for Mac users who are switching to Windows Outlook or if they need to share their data in OLM files with Windows Outlook users.

The best solution is to use a third-party OLM to PST converter tool. This allows you to extract data from OLM and put into PST and then simply import PST to Windows Outlook. But it seldom works out that way. With the ordinary tools for conversion that are available can end up with data loss or integrity loss.

Therefore, it’s important to choose the OLM to PST conversion tool wisely.

One of the best that is often recommended by many experts is “OLM to PST Converter Pro”. It can also work on both Mac and Windows, but for this article, we will be focusing only on OLM to PST conversion.

olm to pst converter

OLM to PST Converter Pro” deviates significantly from the other third-party OLM to PST conversion tools.

Important features of the OLM to PST Converter tool

Let’s take a look at the most important features of the tool that makes it different than the others:

  1. It allows batch conversion of OLM files and handles a large number of files without falling part.
  2. The tool has the fastest data conversion rate among all other OLM to PST conversion utilities. You can convert data with 1GB per 10 minutes rate or faster, depending on factors like your computer spec or background processes running during conversion.
  3. The interface is designed to make the job as easy as possible without limiting the functionality or flexibility. You can implement the features seamlessly without overwhelming yourself with controls and options.
  4. The inner programming framework of the tool is advanced and accurate to cleanly convert data and not miss anything, even the tiniest information. This includes items like metadata or headers, images, attachments, etc.
  5. The tool supports Unicode text such as Chinese and Japanese fully. Other generic converters without support for Unicode content would often either completely miss such text or convert them with errors.
  6. It also supports MIME defined content

Get OLM to PST Converter Tool

Overall, “OLM to PST Converter Pro” is an excellent solution to an otherwise challenging and time-consuming process of converting OLM files to PST. If you have Outlook data in Mac that you want to transfer to Windows Outlook, don’t’ hesitate to download “OLM to PST Converter Pro” free trial version now.

Try it here:

You will love it.

And if you face any problems, there’s always the 24×7 customer support to help you regarding that. They are quick to respond and friendly and will do everything to resolve your problems.

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If you are searching for OLM to PST Converter tool, then try it today.

Frequently asked questions about OST to PST conversion tool

There are many software that claim to change OST to PST files. But the biggest glitch is that most of the software are not capable of converting or recovering 100% of OST data to PST data. Also, such software and tools come with an annual subscription and are too expensive to afford. Hence here are a few questions that are answered to help you make the best decision for your OST file conversion.

What ist the best OST to PST Conversion Tool?

Any software is initially rated because of its performance. Which means if the software is meant to do a task like a recovery it should help recover 100%  of the user’s data. OST Extractor Pro promises to convert your OST files into PST files without any kind of data loss. This makes the OST to PST converter Outlook 2016 the best.

ost to pst conversion

Can I use the same license for Windows and Mac?

The OST Extractor Pro gives you the feature where you can use the same license key for both your devices that is Windows and Mac. Provided that you need to purchase a package that supports both the operating systems. These licenses are valid for a lifetime and can be used on both the devices making it easier for you to manage the license number.

ost to pst

Can it convert large OST files?

The algorithm used in the OST Extractor Pro is such that it can convert large or OST files into PST files in no time. This means that if you have a large OST file, the software will automatically split the OST file into two or more for faster processing. Also, the data is processed at a speed of 1 GB per 10 minutes. Which makes the recovery process super fast.

Can the software process the data in the same format as it is saved in?

Most of the tools that are available in the market help you recover your OST files into PST files but the hierarchy is something that is compromised on. The developers of the OST Extractor Pro make sure that no such compromise is made when you are recovering your OST files. All the hierarchy is maintained when processing your OST files and is saved in the PST format in the very same form. Hence the data is not scattered and makes sense to you.

ost to pst conversion tool

Can it convert text that is not in the English format?

Yes, the OST Extractor Pro makes use of high-level double byte algorithm that allows not only English text language to be converted but it also allows non-English text language such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic to be recovered in the PST format. The software understands each and every instruction very well and converts the same keeping the original format and text.

So here was a quick review of the OST to PST Extractor Pro software. The OST to PST Extractor Pro is not only the best that is available in the market but it is one of the essential tools that one must have to be used with OST files on the daily basis. Download the OST Extractor Pro today and recover PST files with ease.

You can try it here:

convert pst to mbox

Do Mac Freeware Tools for Converting PST to MBOX Work?

Convert PST to MBOX Mac Freeware Software

The free tools have an only thing going for them: they are free. And the tag of free can lure anyone in. If you have a huge database that you want to permanently transfer from Windows Outlook to Thunderbird (or Mac Mail), you may be tempted to download a Mac freeware tool to convert PST to MBOX.

But there is a good and bad news here:

The bad is that there are no efficient Mac freeware tools. And to take it further, there are no actually any truly free tools. They are either trial versions and are full of bloatware. Moreover, almost all the PST to MBOX converters are Windows based. So, it would be a huge stretch to even find a working freeware tool to convert PST to MBOX for Mac OS X. And finding one that works efficiently and safely is not even worth your time.

The good news is that the rest of the post will talk about one of the best PST to MBOX converter for Mac OS X that has a trial version for you to check out. But it’s a fully-fledged professional utility that doesn’t ignore or overlook any aspect of efficient and safe migration. The trial mode works for ten items per folder but doesn’t lock you out from any of the features that make it the top choice for experts or anyone whose major objective is to move Windows Outlook data into Thunderbird or Mac Mail by converting PST to MBOX in Mac.

Mac Tool to Convert PST to MBOX

It’s called “PST Extractor Pro.” The company behind this smart utility is USL Software, who has gained a reputation for providing non-traditional but most effective email migration tools ever.

Convert PST to MBOX Mac Freeware

“PST Extractor Pro” works on the concept of multi-phase scan and deep extraction of contents which leave no space for data loss or any unwanted modification. The clean conversion of all your contents from images to attachments to the non-English character to metadata or any other element. The algorithms embedded into the tool are advanced and precise to process even the tiniest piece of information, so you are not left with fragmented data in output MBOX files.

convert pst to mbox

It’s the only Mac compatible PST to MBOX file converter. But that’s just one of the unique things about the tool. It has gotten rid of almost all the problems of an ordinary converter, offering you a very simple and safe approach to get your contents converted into a different format.

It also comes with dozens of unparalleled features that make the job flexible and productive. You can, for instance, load multiple PST files for converting them into MBOX in a single click. The tool natively supports the conversion of text in any language, even the Unicode content such as Chinese characters. The tool also converts contacts and calendar entries to VCF and ICS files respectively and automatically. There’s an option to set the limit for the output MBOX file so they don’t get too large during conversion.

And, there’s plenty more that makes “PST Extractor Pro” the first choice to convert PST to MBOX in Mac.

Convert PST to MBOX Mac Freeware Trial

So, if you have been searching for Mac freeware tool to convert PST to MBOX, abandon the idea immediately. Sure, it’s tempting, but if you care about the integrity or accuracy of the years of accumulated emails and about your time and efforts, choose a professionally developed utility like “PST Extractor Pro”.

Get the trial setup by clicking the link below.

Try this here:

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Convert PST to MBOX Mac Freeware software is not an good idea, try ‘PST Extractor Pro‘.

olm to apple mail converter

OLM to Apple Mail Converter for Instant Data Migration

Mac Outlook OLM to Apple Mail Converter

Outlook for Mac is an email client that is in direct competition with Mac Mail. Both of these clients have an enormous user-base. They are the top downloads of email clients in Mac OS X.

It comes as surprise then that moving away from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail comes off as one of the most unpleasant tasks. Lack of proper technique and tools has troubled users for a long time.

But now that is about to change.

OLM to Apple Mail Converter

OLM Extractor Pro” built by USL Software is irrefutably the best OLM to Apple Mail converter that one could hope for.

[button_green href=”” label=”Download Now”] [button_orange href=”” label=”Purchase Now”]

OLM Extractor Pro helps you to convert OLM to MBOX, EML, RGE, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Postbox etc.

olm to apple mail converter

USL Software made no compromises in terms of quality, power, accuracy, or user-interface. Everything is at uppermost level, miles ahead of any other run-of-the-mill converters.

“OLM Extractor Pro” can:

  • Convert emails, contacts, and calendar data. Drag-and-drop method and many other ordinary applications will only get you as far as converting emails.
  • Preserve the properties and minute details of the database, such as:
    • Email Headers (to, cc, bcc, from, subject)
    • Metadata
    • Timestamps and date
    • Status of emails (read/unread, flagged, starred, etc.)
  • Can keep the folder hierarchy in converted files same as original: Losing the structure of folders has always been the top-most concern of users. No other tool succeeded in offering a means of converting files while keeping the folders in order.
  • Convert text from any language: Non-English content is tricky to convert. It requires for developers to include support for characters that are not encoded the way English characters are. USL Software managed to support all languages fully.
  • Convert data with a rate of 1GB in 10 minutes: Losing productivity while converting email data is past now.
  • Convert multiple OLM files to Apple Mail in one go: Large scale migration with multiple files form multiple accounts and users will not be intimidating anymore, like it used to be.
  • Split large MBOX files: Large MBOX files are not good. They can lead to unpredictable behavior of Mac Mail and many random errors. This tool can let you set a maximum file limit, and then automatically splits the files if they grow over that limit.
  • Merge contacts and calendar data to a single VCF and ICS file respectively

With the help of its intuitively-understood GUI and the features above, the tool becomes much more than just a simple OLM to Apple Mail converter. It far exceeds the capabilities of a typical file converter.

OLM Extractor Pro” is a complete, fully packed, software solution for exporting data in a safe, controlled, and efficient way. You don’t just load the OLM files and get output MBOX files with incomplete data.

You get the full support, and everything that’s needed, for successful data migration.

USL Software also provides a free testing copy of all of its tools. “OLM Extractor Pro” is available for free as a trial edition too. Download it now and try it out without any risk.

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OLM Extractor Pro is the best OLM to Apple Mail converter for your email migration.

convert olm to mbox

Convert OLM to MBOX, EML & RGE file format

The email migration is very common these days. You don’t like an email client, you simply switch to another one. However, the solution to make the transfer of data from one to another is still surprisingly very hard to find. There are no official tools or methods that users can employ for their email migration needs.

Convert OLM to MBOX file

The conversion for Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail is also one such task that can be very difficult. Although, there are few manual ways to make the switch, but those often times don’t work the way one wants them to. You can drag the Outlook folders to the desktop and the emails will turn to Mbox, but  it is very slow, inaccurate, and tedious.

What one needs is a professional Olm to Mbox converter that can let them convert the emails, contacts, and calendar items through simple graphical interface.

Best Way to Convert OLM to MBOX

Olm Extractor Pro” is one Olm to Mbox converter that has the ability to convert the data with a professional accuracy and it always delivers the results in a professional manner.

From all the Olm to Mbox converters out there, “Olm Extractor Pro” builds its reputation different from others based on three top most features and qualities –

  • Detailed, Extensive, and Thorough Conversion
  • Easy to use graphical Interface
  • Fast conversion
  • Automatic Conversion of Contacts and Calendar Entries

Detailed, Extensive and Thorough Conversion

Every Olm to Mbox Converter has a flaw; they always leave certain information or meta-data during conversion. “Olm Extractor Pro” doesn’t have that flow. Its accuracy of reading the Olm files and converting the contents into Mbox is phenomenal. Items ranging in size from 1 KB to several 100 MBs will be precisely converted for Apple Mail in form of Mbox files.

Easy to Use Graphical Interface

No matter how powerful or feature-rich a program is, if it is difficult to use, all other aspects won’t matter much. “Olm Extractor Pro” doesn’t fall into that category. All of its features are neatly organized into a user-friendly interface. The tool is so easy to use that even if you are a complete beginner, you would have no trouble at all.

Fast Conversion

Scanning the content inside Olm files and then converting all of it to fit into Mbox files is challenging for any software. That’s why most of these Olm to Mbox converters generally take up a lot of time to process all of the data. “Olm Extractor Pro” doesn’t. It will convert everything with a super fast speed without compromising with the quality.

Automatic conversion of contacts and calendar data

To convert contacts and calendar data, most users generally have to use a second tool specially designed for such conversion. “Olm Extractor Pro” will let you convert all emails, along with contacts and calendar entries in just one single attempt. It will automatically detect the folders where contacts and calendar data is stored and will convert them to Vcf and Ics file respectively. Furthermore, you even have the choice to merge all contacts and calendar data from a single folder into a single Vcf and Ics file respectively.

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convert olm to mbox

Get it to convert OLM to MBOX file

Download Now –

Still not sure? Do not worry. You can directly experience how this particular Olm to Mbox converter works without any risk. Simply download its free trial version here.

PST Extractor Pro – Convert Outlook PST to Apple Mail effectively

There are many ways to convert Pst to Apple Mail. Most of them require a lot of manual effort from your side and honestly, not worth it. It is very difficult in itself, considering you are migrating your data from Mac to Windows.

And when you throw in other inefficient tools and manual methods, the task becomes a nightmare. Just get to any forums or blogs, and you will find countless frustrated users who are not being able to convert Outlook Pst to Apple Mail.

Convert Outlook PST to Apple Mail

So, what’s the solution that can be applied easily and still get accurate results?

“Pst Extractor Pro” is a tool that converts Pst files into other output formats, including Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage 2004/2008, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX & EML.

But what makes it is the best tool for this? Here are the top two features that make it the best, but they are not all.

It doesn’t leave out a single bit of data

What it means in computer term is that it offers full data integrity. When you convert emails from Outlook Pst to Apple Mail, most of the times your data doesn’t get properly transferred. You may find many of the missing components, such as, loss of attachments, images, nested messages, etc.

This is where Pst Extractor Pro comes, and ends this age of inefficient and incomplete migration. It takes every bit of data and converts it thoroughly to Apple mail. There will be no modification of any kind, except that the files will be changed from Pst to Mbox (Apple mail). The data inside them will appear untouched.

Items to recover correctly

Here are few of the the elements that are most hard to convert properly, but this tool faces no problems with them –

  • Attachments
  • Email properties (to, cc, Bcc, from, subject)
  • Nested Messages
  • Folder structure
  • Non-English text
  • read/unread emails

Any Users (experts and non-Experts) can use it without any issue

I think most effective tools fail on their graphical interface design. The tool has to be usable by basic computer users, otherwise the features don’t mean much.

That’s not the case with Pst Extractor Pro. The developers have made huge efforts to create the interface that can be used by anyone, without any prior knowledge. Its one-screen interface brings everything on a single place, in an easy to understand way.

Other functionalities

  • Conversion of contacts and calendar data to Vcf and Ics file
  • Split Mbox files into two smaller parts (you can manually specify the size)
  • saves read/unread emails in separate folders (Gives you choice to turn it off)
  • Full conversion report in the end
  • multiple output formats (Entourage 2004/2008, Thunderbird, Postbox, Rge, Eml, etc.)
  • Supports non-English content
  • Preservers your folder structure

Get it to convert Outlook PST to Apple Mail

It is available to download here. This link is for the instant download of the trial limited edition. The only restriction is that you can convert only 10 items from each folder. Once you find it satisfying, you can easily register for the full license.

Convert Outlook PST to Apple Mail

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Get it today and convert Outlook PST to Apple mail Archive without any data loss.

Mail Extractor Max – Convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2011 Exhaustively

Mail Extractor Max is designed to convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2011, Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, RGE & EML file format.

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Outlook 2011 for Mac is capable of directly importing the Mbox files. So you can first export the emails from Mac Mail to .mailbox format (Mbox), and then import it into Outlook 2011.

However, this seldom works out. The option to import Mbox files can be grayed (disabled) due to many factors. Even if you sort that out, it can still be a mess. Many solutions mentioned on internet requires you to follow hundreds of steps in order to make it possible. So it can be an absolute nightmare for basic users, sometimes even for experts.

Assuming you make everything work, you exported every email to Mbox from Mac Mail,  you somehow enable the import Mbox function in Outlook, and you also resolved other issues – after doing all of this, you may still end up with incomplete migration of data. That’s just the nature of email migration when performed manually.

What happens most of the times is that when you export to Mbox and then import it into Outlook 2011, much of the informations inside the files gets ignored and left out during the process. So you may end up with data integrity issues. When you access the same data inside Outlook 2011 after the apparently complete migration, you may notice that the attachments are gone, or the images come broken, or the text from non-English language is corrupted, and so on.

This happens quiet often when someone tries to convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2011.

So ignore these manual conversion methods. They will waste your time and would not deliver good results. Instead, use a professional software program that can help you do that with utmost accuracy, speed, and efficiency. These professionals programs perform the conversion automatically, giving you precise Olm files for Outlook 2011 with no data integrity issues.

One such programs that work all the time is “Mail Extractor Max”. And not only does it work effectively, it also has some features that make the whole task much more easy and smooth. For instance, it can convert the data directly from your Mac Mail database, from the folder named “Mail” inside your Mac. Simply choose the “auto-load” option and the tool will load the folders inside the “Mail” database. No need to use any Mbox files.

However, if you don’t have Mac Mail in your Mac, there is also the traditional method to load the Mbox file manually.

Whichever way you choose, the conversion of your data (either through “Mail” or Mbox file) to Olm file will be fast and thorough. Nothing is left out. Every attachment, image, email property, non-English content, nested message, etc. will be successfully extracted and implemented into new Olm files.

This Olm file can then be imported back to Outlook 2011. And it will never have any problems such as with importing Mbox directly into Outlook 2011. The reason is simple – Outlook 2011 doesn’t inherently support Mbox file; Olm is the basic file format that is uses. So naturally importing Olm is the best and most effective method for transferring of data.

There is no other intermediate step between converting Mbox to Olm and importing Olm to Outlook 2011. It’s just these two steps that will migrate your data effortlessly. No need of creating IMAP accounts to sync the data. Or no need to set up a dummy account. There is even no need to export your emails to Mbox file.

Clearly, using “Mail Extractor Max” will make this transfer a piece of cake. You can get it for free from here. This free edition works for only 10 items from each folder. That means, it will convert only 10 items that are inside every folder of the loaded database (“Mail” or Mbox). Once you have seen how it works, you can register for the full license and remove this limitation of 10 conversion.

Convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2011

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Try Mail Extractor Max to convert Mac Mail to Outlook 2011, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, RGE & EML file format.