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Quickest Way to Get Google MBOX File into Outlook without Any Hassle!

Looking for quick and safe methods to get your Google MBOX file into Outlook? Here’s the definite answer.

How to Get Goolge MBOX file into Outlook

Google allows you to archive your emails from Gmail into an MBOX File that you can open with Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and many other email clients. But Outlook doesn’t support MBOX. What you can do is convert it into PST, and then simply go to Outlook, click on File à Import and select the converted PST file.

Once you have the PST file, it is just a few clicks to import it into Outlook. But it’s the step that comes before that – converting MBOX into PST – that can be a nuisance. And especially if you are a busy person, such email file conversion can be time consuming and can swallow your entire productivity.

Moreover, it’s not just about converting MBOX to PST but also doing it in a way that doesn’t alter the original structure of emails, folders, and other items. Keeping the metadata and other details from misplacing or completely lost is what makes the task somewhat intimidating.

Any project involving transfer of data is always plagued with such concerns. In fact, even in the world beyond computers, moving from one place to another with your things can be daunting for the same purpose. Another example is a simple translation from one language to another. You often find yourself with something missing or the meaning has been altered to some degree. The main objective is always to just change the format and to move data from source to destination without alteration and modification.

The tool that you need

That is what ‘Mail Extractor Pro” offers – a quick way to get Google MBOX file into Outlook by converting it into PST, and the mechanisms that work at the core of the tool does all the job of keeping the structure and integrity safe. You will never find a single item either misplaced, modified, or broken. From email attachments to font styles to graphics and everything else in between – the tool is capable of processing all information into PST without any errors.

It can convert MBOX, EML, Mac Mail, Thunderbird and Postbox to Outlook for Mac & Win.

Google MBOX file into Outlook

Quick & Accurate Conversion

And it does so with almost double the speed any other tool can. This saves your precious time and allows you to finish the entire process without too much hassle. Productivity is the ulterior hidden motive behind all software that we have ever used. And if any software takes more time than needed or more time than you would have taken to do it manually – then, it’s not at all worth it. Thankfully, “Mail Extractor Pro” has finally ended the issue of long and tiring email file conversion. The algorithms work without pauses or freezing and converts Gmail to PST very quickly, even the large files.

Other features

google mbox into outlook

Other features also include a simple way to control the size of output PST files and split them into multiple smaller files if needed. There’s even a single-click option to exclude the empty folders and keep your output clean and free of any unnecessary and outdated content you may not need. The native conversion support for Unicode content from email headers is another way “Mail Extractor Pro” outranks all other MBOX to PST converters. If you have non-English characters in your email headers or in email bodies, it’s time to finally stop worrying if the tool can safely convert them or not.

Because “Mail Extractor Pro” definitely can – and all other content that Google MBOX files have stored.

Try it today

Google MBOX to Outlook

The free trial will make you experience all these features in much detail and how they apply to your exact situation and database. It’s a great way to clear any doubts you might have. Download the trial using the link below and get your data from Google MBOX file into Outlook in the best possible way possible today.

Apple Mail to MBOX Conversion Tool

Apple mail to MBOX conversion solution for businesses!

Businesses do not need to convert Apple mail to MBOX or Postbox by manual methods. They have huge financial backup and high support. They can easily get a tool for the conversion process. Then why don’t they? Well, the answer is that most tools do not provide the services the tools have to offer. They lack basic Apple mail to MBOX conversion needs of businesses such as complete conversions and free trial versions, let alone bulk conversions. However, we have written this article to inform businesses that one tool has arrived which can change the way they convert Apple mail forever. This tool is ‘Mail Extractor Max’.

Mail Extractor Max helps you for migration from Apple Mail to Thunderbird, Postbox, Outlook for Mac 2011, Microsoft Entourage, MBOX & EML file format.


A business relies heavily on data. This database has to be converted, transacted, retrieved and stored every day in one way or other. However, the biggest threat to this database is posed by conversion process. Therefore, it becomes very important for customers to find a tool which not only executes the conversion task but is also safe. This tool is more than that.

Mail Extractor Max provides businesses not only the basic requirements such as complete conversions, simple process, and preservation of folder arrangement but also the most important feature to any organization – bulk conversion. This tool can give businesses everything they need in Apple mail to MBOX conversion.

Apple Mail to MBOX

Let’s look at its business-specific services in detail:-


This tool gives business every reason to skip the training session of this tool for its employees. The tool makes the process very simple and soothing for its customers. The interface unravels the Apple mail conversion process in such simple terms that employees do not need any briefing in this tool at all.


This tool also converts everything in Apple mail database. From mails to attachments to Meta data content, everything is converted to any format businesses desire. The tool also makes sure that customers do not have to face any hassle in achieving this goal. The tool also preserves texts of all languages successfully.


This tool can easily convert Apple mail to MBOX in bulk. This helps in easy and smooth conversion of Apple mail database in only one session. This is very useful to businesses as they do not have to repeat this temporary task at all. This tool provides the best bulk conversion of Apple mail to Thunderbird or Postbox in the shortest span of time. It will never compromise with the quality of the conversion.


This tool always preserves the folder arrangement. The tool makes sure that customers do not have to waste their time in finding their converted files. Therefore, it always preserves the folder arrangement which helps in easy access of converted files.

Apple Mail to MBOX Conversion


The most amazing feature of this tool is that it has a free trial version. It can be used by any business representative to test the tool thoroughly. This demo version is available for a limited time period only. Grab the free trial version of this tool and try it for Apple mail to MBOX conversions right now!

export apple emails to pst for ms outlook

Export Apple emails to PST, here is a trustworthy tool!

If you are still confused about how to export Apple emails to PST safely then your search ends here. There is the Apple to PST converter tool called Mail Extractor Pro which lets you convert Apple emails to PST safely and precisely. This tool which is developed by USL software provides 100% assurance of data safety.

Convert Apple emails to PST for MS Outlook

It ensures to safeguard data against all sorts of threats like data theft, data misuse, data modification and data corruption etc. Moreover this is a bug free tool which means you would be able to convert Email files without encountering any unexpected error. Moreover no past experience is required to use this tool; it provides step by step instructions throughout the process of email conversion and ensures that users are able to do it without any difficulty.

export apple emails to pst

Let us look at the features of this tool

Easy to use

This Apple emails to PST converter tool has a user friendly interface on which self-explanatory wizards laid out. Step by step instructions are being provided by this tool throughout process of conversion to ensures that you are able to do it without any difficulty.

Successfully converts all email items

There is a lot of information like time stamps, Meta data, headers, embedded graphical objects, email attachments etc stored in emails.  If any such information is lost after converting email files from various formats to PST, it will make difficult for the user to understand it. But no need to worry when you have this tool in hand. The advanced algorithm of this tool converts all email items precisely and keeps all the details intact.

Provides you the facility of convert email files from various formats to PST

Through this Apple Mail to PST converter tool you can easily convert email files from various formats to PST. MBOX, Thunderbird, Apple Mail and EML etc are the formats which you can convert to PST through this tool.

Retains the folder hierarchy of data

While converting Apple emails to PST format, users are often worried about the structure and hierarchy of data but you don’t have worry. As, this tool ensures to maintain the folder hierarchy of data and maps it exactly in the same order after conversion.

Protects your data against all types of risks

No need to worry about data loss, data modification, data misuse and data corruption etc, when you have this tool in hand. This Apple Mail to PST converter tool provides you absolute protection against all sorts of risks.

Install this Apple to PST converter tool for free

Install the trial version of this Apple Mail to PST converter software for free. This is your chance to convert Apple emails to PST as well as emails files from various formats to PST for free. Don’t let this opportunity go away. Test how speedily and precisely this tool performs the process of email conversion. After using this tool once you will certainly fall in love with it. You can also upgrade to its full edition of this tool at a very affordable price.

Read more: https://macnwindows.blogspot.com/2021/05/export-apple-emails-to-pst-here-comes.html

import eml to outlook 2016

Stop losing files in the EML to Outlook 2016 import process!

If you’ve fallen victim to the one of the many fraudulent tools in the market then we have the perfect redemption path for you. Instead of wasting time on tools that lead to data corruption and data loss issues, it is prudent to shift to a tool like USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro!

It can convert Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, EML and MBOX to PST for Microsoft Outlook.

Import EML to Outlook 2016 for Mac & Windows

This import EML to Outlook 2016 freeware has made many user’s lives simpler by offering a streamlined pathway to perfect carbon copies of the data files. It comes with lucid interface that remains comprehensible for all users, from beginners to experts. The process too is pretty basic to follow. The steps involved in the import of EML to Outlook 2016 have been enlisted hereunder:

  1. The first step is to download, install, and launch this tool on their screens.
  2. Once launched, the screen display must be utilized to upload the datafiles onto it. One may do so by choosing the database from the system; however, they may also resort to autoload of data for Apple mail, Thunderbird, and MBOX.
  3. Select/deselect the files and folder uploaded for finalizing content for the import EML to Outlook 2016 task.
  4. Check settings for empty folders and PST file size.
  5. Click on ‘convert’ and choose a relevant location on the system to save the data files.

And that is all! It is a perfectly secure process to get ultra-refine copies of the data files in no time.

Do you wish to try it out?

Good news is that the users can get hold of a FREE demo copy of the eml to pst conversion tool for testing it out. It allows conversion of 10 items per folder.

Get your copy today!

Why Mail Extractor Pro works best for EML to Outlook 2016 conversion task?

If you are wondering as to what makes Mail Extractor Pro a favourable choice for the task, then have a quick look at the top reasons to consider this tool for import EML to Outlook 2016 task.

eml to outlook 2016
  • Easy to use: The tool is simple to make use of and thereby favourable for majority of the users.
  • Safe: A very important factor is that this tool is extremely safe for use. It is an offline mode tool that happens to be entirely bug-free as well. As such, users can be fully assured of the safety of the data files from both internal and external threats.
  • Smart features: The tool is filled to the brim with modern and smart features like bulk conversions, splitting of large PST files, conversion of every element, preservation of folder hierarchy structure, etc.
  • Accuracy: The final PST files are absolute replicas of the original content.
  • Customer care: For any sort of assistance, the users can reach out to the round the clock customer care services.
  • Reasonable: The tool comes in four affordable license keys that the users can choose from.
eml to outlook 2016 import

This import EML to Outlook 2016 freeware is definitely worth a try. For converting EML to PST, Get your FREE demo version copy today!

convert pst file to mbox

Get this tool to Convert PST to MBOX magically!

If you do not believe in magic then you will certainly start believing in it after using this PST to MBOX converter tool called PST Extractor Pro by USL software. The speed and precision with which this tool converts PST files to MBOX is just unbelievable. It also looks like that the process of PST to MBOX conversion has been accomplished magically.

Convert PST to MBOX Easy Way

Apart from providing you the facility to convert MBOX files to PST, this tool also provide you the facility to convert emails files from PST to various formats such as PostBox, Thunderbird, Outlook Mac, Apple mail and EML. Moreover this tool is free from bugs and error. Thus the essence of the magic which this tool performs during conversion would be enhanced further. Moreover to ensure stress free conversion experience for users, step by step instructions facility is also provided to them.

convert pst to mbox

Let us look at the multiple features of this tool

User friendly tool

This PST to MBOX converter tool comes with the self-explanatory wizard. It provides you step by step instructions throughout each and every process you perform. Converting Email files to PST becomes effortless even for a beginner through this tool.

Know how to convert PST files to MBOX and much more through this tool

With the help of this PST to MBOX converter tool, you would be able to convert emails files from PST to various formats like MBOX, PostBox, Thunderbird, Outlook Mac, Apple mail, EML. The process of conversion takes place at a lightning fast speed and with precision.

Precise conversion of all email items

Information like time stamps, Meta data, headers, embedded graphical objects, email attachments etc while the email contains are of great importance.  If any such information is lost or misplaced during or after converting PST files to other formats, it will make difficult for the user to understand it. But you don’t have to worry as this tool converts all email items accurately and maintains the integrity of the same.

Preserves the Unicode content of data base

Where most of tools Struggle to preserve the non-English content of PST files, this PST to MBOX converter for Mac does it accurately. It preserves the non-English content of your PST files with the same efficiency as it preserves the English content of data.

Preserves the structure of data

This PST to MBOX converter tool ensures to preserves the folder hierarchy of data while converting PST files to other formats. Also, it does not interrupt the structure of data during or after conversion and maps it accurately into the desired format of your choice.

Convert PST to MBOX for free

This is your chance to convert email files from PST to MBOX as well email files from PST to various formats for free. All you have to do is download the trial version of this tool by clicking on the link given below. Test the performance of this tool. Check how efficiently it works. Once you are satisfied by its performance. You can also upgrade to the full version of this tool at very reasonable prices.

Get it at https://www.uslsoftware.com/pst-to-mbox-converter-free-trial/

converting eml to pst outlook

Converting EML to PST Outlook Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare – Here’s a Surprisingly Easy Way Out!

Converting EML to PST Outlook is a job for those who want to move their data to Outlook client but all they have are EML files that are incompatible with the client. If you will try to go to Outlook import feature in either Windows or Mac version, you wouldn’t find an option to import EML files. Therefore, the third-party converters come into the picture.

Converting EML to PST Outlook for Mac and Windows

Depending on what kind of a converter you are using for converting EML to PST Outlook, the task can be over in a few minutes or it can turn into a tedious and daunting one. For some users with sensitive email data, it can also turn into a complete nightmare. Because they end up with data loss or some gaps in their email related data.

If you are not ready for that, you must pick a professional and safe software. That will take you from initial point to final output without such pitfalls like data loss.

The EML to Outlook (PST) Converter

So, here’s a surprisingly easy way to get this job done. It’s a tool developed after proper consideration of every associated element and challenge with the job. Called “Mail Extractor Pro,” this is the only software you need. The tool, lets you convert EML to PST without going through complex technical learning curve. The simple interface works like a charm for everyone. Just install and follow the simple instructions and you can be done with it in a few minutes.

converting eml to pst

Preserve everything

The algorithms that work underneath the surface delivers sharp and clean output. There has never been any data loss reported with Mail Extractor Pro. From your images to attachments, from headers to links, and from every other kind of data saved in the files – this tool has the required power and set of logic to convert all of them. It can also convert non-English or Unicode-based content from the headers without issues. There are unique algorithms devised that target the more complex and intricate parts of your data, like the rich-text formatting, graphics inside emails, and the folder hierarchy.

What you get in the end is the exact copy of the input/EML files. Not one thing is misplaced or converted partially.

Even more, there are multiple options to customize the process and output as per individual’s needs.

Unique features

  • Split large PST files by simply specifying how large a file you want
  • Ignore all empty folders in a single click
  • Batch eml to pst conversion of multiple EML files in one go
  • Manually exclude any unnecessary folder you do not want to convert

“Mail Extractor Pro” has all that you need and then some more. It has often been hailed as the best software for converting EML to PST Outlook that does the job satisfyingly and without any risk to data integrity.

Try it for free

mail extractor pro website

You can go ahead and get the licensed version or download the free trial to find out more about all its amazing features. It won’t be long before you want to get the full version, seeing directly how simple the interface is and how powerful the features are.

ost to mbox

OST to MBOX Conversion (Switch to the best One)

Obstacles and OST to MBOX Conversion have an inseparable bond. You cannot get through the conversion process without overcoming these obstacles. It won’t be easy to get over these problems and a little help can make it a lot easier than it normally is.

Know a bit more about OST to MBOX Conversion

OST to MBOX Conversion is like any other email conversion process. It is a technical, layered conversion of data from your Outlook based file to MBOX format.

There are two major players in this conversion process. OST and MBOX. Both of them are data files. They are used by their respective email clients to work and manipulate with the user’s data. But there is a bit of difference between the two.

OST is the file format that is used by Outlook. It is used for saving the data for emails and contacts. The file helps in internal working of the application. Whenever a new user account is created, or you download your work from the server, all the tasks like this are handled by OST files. They also resync your data back with the server once the connection is established.

On the other hand, MBOX does the similar work for many email clients working on MacOS. The file format is easy to use and compatible with most clients. Due to these reasons is a fairy popular format. But the structural difference between OST and MBOX files is huge. From how the data is stored to how it is arranged, all of it is entirely different.

The right help for your OST to MBOX Conversion

These differences are what makes the process of OST to MBOX conversion lurid task. They increase the technicalities involved in the process. That is why most user prefer to go with a professional to take care of all this. That maybe the right process to follow but it can be heavy on your wallet. The better way would be going for a professional converter tool that is easy to handle.

OST Extractor Pro from USL Software fits that description perfectly. This versatile converter tool is equipped with modern features that help you in simplifying the process. The tool converts and simultaneously takes care of your data.

ost to mbox conversion

It can convert Microsoft OST to PST, MBOX, EML, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Windows Live Mail etc.

The features that the tool supports include:

Exceptional Conversion Accuracy:

The tool converts everything present in your OST files without any problems. The modern algorithms that the tool runs on help you get through the depths of data easily.  It provides power, precision and accuracy to even convert the dreaded Unicode data easily. You get a flawless conversion process.

Easy to Use:

The interface of this converter tool makes your OST to MBOX conversion easier than ever before. The interface of the tool is so designed that it eliminates the need of a professional to operate it. Anyone can easily use the tool without any prior experience or knowledge.

The tool provides a lot more features like these. These two just stand out and solves most problems associated with the process.

Download the free trial of the tool to find out more about it at https://www.ostextractorpro.com/.

olm to pst migration

The perfect way of Migrating OLM to PST is here: Mail Passport Pro

Migrating OLM to PST is the perfect way of converting all your data from OLM to PST. The data stored in the input file needs to be converted into a different form and boom, you have all the data migrated from one account to another.

Sounds simple, right? But actually isn’t. The process of migrating OLM to PST is a tricky one. All the data present in the input file goes through a very vulnerable state. Therefore, special care needs to be taken while migrating it all from OLM to PST.

Get the help you need for Migrating OLM to PST

Migrating OLM to PST isn’t easy and getting a converter tool to support your conversion process is the way to go about it. Third-party converter tools are special software tools developed for converting it all from one format to another.

These tools boast special technology backed features. These features are what you exactly need to safeguard your data during that vulnerable phase. But choosing the right converter tool is the key in that.

Out of a sea of converter tools present out there you need the best of the best for migrating OLM to PST effectively and efficiently.

Mail Passport Pro is the tool that you are looking for. The tool offers you the best features in the market along with the assurance of the leaders of email conversion business. Yes, the tool is produced by the leaders in email conversion business, Gladwev Software.

migrating olm to pst

Try exceptional conversion accuracy

Accuracy is what you need by your side when Migrating OLM to PST. The accuracy of the conversion tool determines how good your conversion process will be. The tool retains more data when it is more accurate.

And with Mail Passport Pro you get one of the best conversion accuracies out there. The tool posses enough power to convert everything present in the input file. Be it your meta data, the non-English data or your dual byte data, the tool converts it all.

It doesn’t matter to the tool which kind of data it is dealing with. The tool converts it all from OLM to PST to ensure that you get the best conversion experience.

This not only solves the problem of data being getting left behind during the conversion process but also ensures that you have all that you need in your output file.

Converting olm files in Bulk

Bulk Conversion is another exceptional feature of the tool. The tool converts multiple files at once ensuring that you don’t have to go about converting files one by one.

Bulk Conversion allows you to convert multiple files at once while migrating OLM to PST. Don’t worry the tool is equipped with enough power to get the bulk conversion done without any flaws. Therefore, giving you a perfect conversion process.

migrate olm to pst

Download the free trial today

Get your free copy of the tool today at www.mailpassportpro.com.

eml to pst conversion tool

EML to PST conversion that goes along with your specific requirements

Mail Extractor Pro by USL software has been readied as an EML to PST conversion tool that can provide to its users’ specific demands with specialized features. It can been created by experts to provide mail conversion that is not only accurate but also fast and precise. It is easy to use and is suitable to be used by everyone, even beginners. Thanks to its intuitive interface, the users would be able to finish the conversion in record time with satisfying results.

eml to pst conversion

It can convert EML, MBOX, Thunderbird, Postbox and OS X Mail to Outlook supported PST file format,

Your search for EML to PST conversion free is over

The trial version of this software can be used for free to convert EML to PST without paying anything. Most of all, its ability to provide the results with just a few steps is the most remarkable feature of all. It can be used by anyone, all they have to do is to follow the steps being provided by the interface.

EML to PST convert online in just a few steps

To convert using this software ought to be the easiest task. All one has to do is to follow the given steps:

  • Begin by  clicking on the icon of this software. It will open and its screen will display several options from which the client can choose. Apple mail, thunderbird, postbox, mbox and eml would be available. If you wish to convert files from EML to Outlook, select it so that the software can automatically select the entire database.
  • If you want to convert only a few, selected files then you can deselect the ones you do not want to. There is also an option to ignore the empty folders completely, one just has to tick the box marked by that name.
  • In case the pst files are too large, say larger than 15 gb then the clients can also split them. They get to choose the number of files one file would be split into.
  • Since there is no need to further process the files into draft or to transfer the files into windows device, the result would be produced within just a few minutes of the delivery of the command.

Fast mail conversion service like none other

The users do not have to bother about employing tricks to get their output files faster. This software performs very fast, the ability to convert files in the mac itself is an evidence of that. That facility not only makes the service fast but also safer.

Another way to save time when converting files with this software is to send files for conversion in bulk. As the files do not need to be converted individually, the task is not daunting and also much more fast.

Unicode compatible and neatly arranges data

The unicode compatibility of this software is awesome. The users would be able to convert data of all sorts without trouble. It is capable of processing files that are in various languages without requiring further assistance. It also makes sure that it does not arrange or rearrange the folders and subfolders hierarchically. You will as is copy of your mailbox folder hierarchy.

eml to pst conversion free

Download this software now for converting EML to PST.

Migrate Microsoft OST to PST

Make your Microsoft OST to PST migration safer, better and efficient!

The stigma associated with Microsoft OST to PST migration is well known. You talk to anybody about the conversion process the first reaction is of dread. Nobody willingly wants to go through the process of converting your data from one format to another. Sad thing about it is that you cannot ignore the conversion process.

Microsoft OST to PST Migration

You have to go through the conversion process as there is no other way to get the data transferred quickly and efficiently. But that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer to get the best out of this process. You can carry out your conversion process with ease and accuracy. All you need to do is choose the right conversion solution for the process.

Choosing the right conversion solution

The right conversion solution for your process is the one that not only gives you the power over the conversion process but is easy to use as well. There is no use of an all-powerful conversion solution that you cannot make use of. But finding such a conversion solution isn’t easy.

There are many ways you can tackle Microsoft OST to PST migration. You can even go about it manually. But the thing is the amount and complexity of data present in the modern-day email databases, act as an obstacle for the manual method. You’ll need something new, something up to date.

Third-party converter tools are what you should be looking at. These converter tools offer everything that you need. They are backed by modern technological advancements. They provide your conversion process the edge that has been missing from the previous solutions.

OST Extractor Pro: The best converter tool for the job

Just knowing that third-party Microsoft OST to PST migration tools will solve your problem isn’t enough. You need to know which one you need. It becomes very hard to choose a particular conversion solution from the sea of them present in the market.

Microsoft OST to PST Migration

The one that is preferred by most experts and casual users is OST Extractor Pro. The converter tool from USL Software has everything that is required to get the process beyond the finish line. The tool packs the best combination of all the best features in the market.

Microsoft OST to PST Migration Tool

The feature list of the tool is blessed with features like:

Immaculate Conversion Accuracy:

Conversion accuracy of this tool knows no match. The tool provides you with one of the best conversion accuracies in the business. The algorithms supported by the tool help you convert every single bit of your data. The tool makes easy work of all kinds of data including double byte characters as well.

Never Easier:

The interface of the tool makes your Microsoft OST to PST migration easier beyond belief. The interface of the tool only shows what is required to get the job done. It is clean, simple and provides you with all the necessary instructions to get the job done.

Retain folder hierarchy:

The tool helps you in retaining the folder hierarchies from your input files. This gives the output files produced an exactly similar structure. Thus, making your post conversion life easier.

You are recommended to use the Microsoft OST to PST converter free tool today.

Microsoft OST to PST

Get the free trial of the tool right here, if you want to open ost file in Outlook, Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail etc.