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Importing an OST file in Outlook can be tedious. For carrying this out, you need to change OST to PST format which is really troublesome. The complete procedure for carrying this out manually is vague and full of risks. That is why it is necessary that you convert OST to PST format with the help of software. To one’s benefit, there are some free software in the market which can make this task easy. This article is all about how to choose one.

Change OST to PST (MS Outlook)

Changing OST to PST is a common routine in professional circles. But it has been stained by loss of data, huge time lapses and the obvious risk of losing job or reputation. For this purpose, many companies launched various products which can help you cover this task with ease.

So, what are the attributes in an OST to PST Converter tool which you should look out for?

Here are a few tips:-

  • The tool should be easy to use – What is the purpose of using a tool if it does not help in lightening your burden? Make sure that the tool you choose has an easy to use Graphic user interface. Its interface should be self-explanatory and highly graphic.
  • The tool should extract OST from all sources – If you can only convert OST files from one source with a tool, will it serve any purpose? No. Make sure, the tool is highly equipped to deal with all kinds of OST files and convert them easily to PST format.
  • The tool should give you option of choosing OST files you want to convert – The tool should make your task easy, remember? So if you want to convert only two or three files the tool should help you in achieving that goal, not restrict your options.
  • The tool should give you multiple options for output too. So that, when you want to change your OST files to files of other formats, you can.
  • The tool should be able to preserve your folder hierarchy accurately. This particular requirement saves you a lot of trouble in the post-conversion process.
  • The tool should be able to support text in all languages including ASCII. You won’t need any other tool to convert that mail which came from china or India for that matter.
  • The tool should be able to convert bulk files easily. Whatever strategy it uses, it should be so accurate and wonderful so that the process does not lose any data or speed.
  • Talking of speed, the tool should have conversion rate of at least 10 GB per 10 minutes.
  • The tool should allow users to establish the conversion capacity of the OST files because in PST format they are bound to be very big and heavy.
  • The tool should have a free trial version at all cost.

Get OST Extractor Pro to Change OST to PST

There are many tools which come close to these aforementioned attributes. But I will direct you to that tool which can immediately set you on OST to PST Conversion with ease.

change ost to pst

Get it here:

changing ost to pst

This tool is OST Extractor Pro. The tool is from USL software, a prominent name in this field.  The tool has all the aforementioned features in its prime form and a free trial version. Grab your copy now and change OST to PST.