Mac Mail to Outlook PST

Mac Mail to Outlook PST Conversion

The Best Solution for Mac Mail to Outlook Pst Conversion

Mail Extractor Pro is a perfect tool for your Mac Mail to Outlook PST Conversion. It converts Apple Mail Database, Apple Mailbox Export & MBOX file to PST file format for Outlook 2016 for Mac & Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 & Office 365 for Windows

Pst (Personal Storage Table)

Pst is a personal storage table format that is an open proprietary file format for its Microsoft Windows Outlook versions.  The open format is controlled by Microsoft who provide free specifications and free irrevocable technology licensing. More commonly you can say the Outlook data file, it differs from .ost format, in a way that it is stored offine on your computer. It is not subjected to the mailbox size limits on a mail server, and thus you can create big sized Pst files and store the data on your computer, and free up the space on your server.

This is the major benefit of Pst and thus is quiet popular format for managing data, converting data, and for backup purposes.

Mac Mail to Outlook PST Conversion

If are you are moving from Mac Mail to Outlook, your best option would be to convert Mac Mail data to .pst files. And recently with the Outlook 2016 launch, you can even import these .pst files into Mac Outlook 2016. This property of .pst file was only for Windows Outlook versions, but not anymore.

However, the challenge of converting Mac Mail to Outlook Pst is still exertive and frustrating. There hasn’t been very effective and easy to use tools that you can employ into this conversion process. But, there is always something that can give you the solution you want. You just have to look for it.

Best Solution for Converting Mac Mail to Outlook (PST)

Mail Extractor Pro is that solution. It is an email migration tool that has two options while converting the emails to Pst. (1) Through directly loading the Mac Mail database from the “Mail” folder AND (2) through manually loading Mbox files. You can choose any depending on your situation. If you have Mac with you that has Apple Mail installed, the best option would be to let the tool auto-load the database for you. In any other cases, such as you have Mac but Apple Mail is not there and you have Mbox files stored somewhere – you can always manually load those files from any location.

After the contents are loaded (either directly through Apple Mail or through Mbox files), you can see all of your email folders under the preview section. You can choose to ignore the empty folders and select or deselect the folders for conversion. And then click ‘Convert’ to convert all of it into Pst files.

You are now ready to import these converted .pst files into Outlook 2016 or Windows Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, or 2005. Even it supports Office 365 version.

The Key Features

  • Preserves your email attachments during the conversion.
  • Keeps the folder structure exactly same as original.
  • Takes very less time to convert files.
  • Supports non-English characters
  • Keeps the read and unread status of emails intact
  • It keeps the images that are embedded within an email body preserved
  • It keeps all the properties of email preserved, such as time and date, to and from, subject, etc.
  • All the nested messages are also safely converted without any modification.

And the best of all, there is a 24×7 support, willing to help you out in any way you want or need.

To claim your free trial copy for your Mac Mail to Outlook PST Conversion.

For the limited time, there is a free trial copy you can download to test it. This trial edition converts 10 items to Pst from each folder of Mac Mail. You can convert to full version anytime by simply purchasing the full license.

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Mac Mail to Outlook PST Conversion

For Mac Mail to Outlook PST Conversion, Download free copy of Mail Extractor Pro.