olm file to mac mail

Directly it is not possible to import olm file into Mac Mail. Here is the tool you need for converting olm file into Mac Mail supported file format.

Import OLM file into Mac Mail

Very few times you get a software solution that is both sophisticated and simple. And when it comes to email migration, you do need these two integral forces of any software that makes it great.

Sadly, most email migration tools are missing those.

Today, we are talking about “OLM Extractor Pro“. A tool specifically designed to let you import data from OLM files into Mac Mail through file conversion. It is developed and published by USL Software that is about to change how you migrate your Outlook data.

Import OLM file into Mac Mail

Converting OLM file into Mac Mail – ‘OLM Extractor Pro’

The only thing you need to know before hand is that OLM format is not possible to be imported on any email client other than Mac Outlook itself. So Outlook to Mac Mail data migration gets tricky. By converting OLM into Mac Mail compatible files is the only viable option, and “OLM Extractor Pro” works wonderfully in doing that.

converting OLM into Mac Mail

So, here are the features that has made the tool the best in this category:

  1. You can select any number of OLM files by putting them all under a single folder. It’s a highly valuable ability to convert large number of files at once.
  2. It has a very simple UI. It allows all users regardless of experience or technical knowledge to convert data without any bogged down by the advanced features.
  3. The tool converts the folders containing the contacts and calendar data into VCF and ICS files automatically, unless you uncheck the folders before converting.
  4. One of the best features of “OLM Extractor Pro” is its set of algorithms that process the contents with accuracy. Email files like OLM can be complex, containing large number of different forms of data types (images, attachments, headers, etc.). Only this tool can convert all of them safely to the new format, which is Mac Mail in this context.
  5. You can also use it to convert OLM files to many other different formats. Mac Mail is one of the option to choose as output file. You can convert OLM to Entourage, Thunderbird, and even standard MBOX and EML Files.
  6. The option to save read and unread emails after conversion into separate folders is a highly valuable feature. Considering many generic file converters fail to even preserve the status of emails as read or unread.

converting olm file into mac mail

Get it to Import OLM file into Mac Mail

You can buy the tool using one of the several licenses available, depending on how many computers you need to install it into. The license range from personal to small scale company to large corporations.

If you want to give it a shot first, get the installer file below. It’s a small setup file that you can download instantly without giving any information. You can then start using it directly in a free trial mode which converts ten items within each folders inside OLM files.

Try it here: https://www.olmextractorpro.com/

Get it today to import OLM file into Mac Mail.