This is my review for “OST Extractor Pro”,  an OST to PST converter from USL Software that allowed me to easily convert my files. It features many necessary options that I found missing with other similar tools. And that’s why it is the most successful tool of its kind. Because it has a simple to understand interface without any unnecessary terminology. It can be powerful and be used in more advanced conversion needs.

ost to pst converter

OST to PST Converter Review – ‘OST Extractor Pro’

I had a problem with my Outlook the other week. I deleted the original email account without syncing the data that was stored in OST. You cannot directly get back the data from OST to Outlook. So I was stuck with a file that is totally inaccessible.

If you don’t know, OST is a Windows Outlook native file (along with PST) that makes it possible for you to access the data even offline. But it is not a personal file that you can use for purposes like backup or importing data. It mainly works with Outlook internally. Which is the opposite of PST, short for Personal Storage file.

That is why converting OST to PST is the best way to recover your data from inaccessible OST files.

However, in my experience, most of the software converters that I found were not up to the task. There were many that were absolutely impractical to use. There were few that were built professional. But they still missed one or two element that I consider essentially for the job. For instance, if a tool had a basic UI that I can interact with, it lacked certain options. If it was flexible and advanced enough, its interrace make the task too daunting.

And if you are a user like me without any technical experience of such email file conversion tasks, you too are going to face the problem of poorly designed converters that don’t seem to make it any easier.

ost to pst converter review

Then came along “OST Extractor Pro.”

  • Right from the beginning, it had a professional feel. It was very simple to install. It was also easy to use from the starting point to the finish. Much of the unnecessary manual steps that are required in other tools has been automated or removed from the tool, making the entire process much quicker and more accurate.
  • Apart from an interactive UI, it also has a wide range of helpful features that make a huge difference. For instance, you can select more than one OST file for conversion in one go, as opposed to converting a single file at one time. You can also manually remove any folders that you think are unnecessary to convert to PST (like very old folders, empty folders, and so on). There’s an option to split large PST files, helping you avoid problems in importing them to Outlook later on.
  • And lastly, “OST Extractor Pro” not only converts OST to PST but also to many other Mac based email formats like MBOX and EML. You can use it to convert data from OST to files that can be used with Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage, and so on.

I only wished that I hadn’t wasted my time and efforts on conventional converters that don’t seem to offer any use at all in practical scenarios.

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Get “OST Extractor Pro” to see it for yourself. It is the most reliable, easy to use, and advanced OST to PST converter utility I have found.