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PST to Thunderbird Migration, You can now do it anytime anywhere. No internet required.

Be it in personal space or in professional space, everyone is looking to be independent. Then why should a task which has a solution available scare you? On Windows, this migration can be done if you have Outlook but it isn’t easy to say the least. On Mac it gets a bit complicated because this format is not recognised by any mail client. Manual method can be used here also but then it is so complicated that one may get stuck anytime.

What you need?

Here you need a third party solution if you want to manage it alone. But don’t worry about that as you will soon find out a solution which makes a game out of it allowing you to be completely independent at this.

PST to Thunderbird migration without risks

The entire focus of any file migration process is to be able to retrieve it in the recipient mail platform. Thus, it is important that the whole process from beginning to start is such that there is no risk to safety, privacy, or integrity of this data. The device should also face no threat as a result of this process. Whatever the choice is made to migrate files, the option should be safe from all aspects discussed above and yet allow one to do this process unassisted. The only tool capable of all this and more is PST Extractor Pro by  which will enable users to migrate PST to MBOX format on their own.

pst to thunderbird migration

Has its own perks

Whether this task is your choice or whether it was thrust upon you, the end results will have many perks.

  • Thunderbird is a free platform with a lot of features
  • MBOX file format works on many other mail platforms and even large files of this type are stable
  • Good security features. The platform is known to be quite secure
  • Spam filtering and user appeal- these are both present in this platform

Perks of using this tool for PST to Thunderbird Migration

  • User friendly software which can be used independently. Owing to graphic interface, advanced algorithms, as well as easy to understand steps and commands, this tool has emerged as the most user friendly one. This is why it can be used unassisted.
  • Sturdy and fast bulk transfer. As a result of advanced technology used for designing and development, even bulk data transfer keeps files stable and speed is still fast.
  • Intact hierarchical structure. This is a big motivation to use this certified tool as even the folder order remains the same after migration.
  • Unicode characters supported. Amongst different elements of a file one also finds Unicode characters which are usually not supported by other methods. This alters the file content. But this tool keeps it intact as it support the characters.

Take the next step with a free demo to export PST files to Mozilla Thunderbird

See how the tool works with a limited period free demo before the next step of buying tool if you are looking for more assurance.

Download Now at

pst to thunderbird migration tool

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