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Difference Between PST to MBOX Free and Paid Converters

You CAN find free PST to MBOX migration tools. The question is — should you use them?

PST to MBOX free migration tools Vs Pro

Free stuff entices everyone. We look at the cost in the present tense and ignore the other factors that indirectly affect us and our productivity in future. Keep in mind: the free is never completely free.

Free PST to MBOX converters follows the same rule. If you found a way to convert PST to MBOX free, know that you may be hurting your data integrity. The tool may use more time than required. The interface can be confusing. You can be using your resources like time and manpower in a wrong way. You can go insane.

There are many problems with average freeware.

The biggest concern is output files with many data elements missing from the output files such as images, attachments, headers, nested messages, and metadata. Free tools cannot pick information and convert it precisely without corrupting or losing it. PST and MBOX files are different. Their internal structure and framework vary immensely. Therefore, it is necessary for any tool to consider these differences into its conversion algorithm. And a free program was not built with all the resources and power needed to write a compelling algorithm for clean and safe data conversion.

So, if you have data you want to move from PST to MBOX, avoid common free software. Instead, for a professional, efficient, and powerful tool that can convert the files while keeping the data safe.

Best Way to Convert PST to MBOX

PST Extractor Pro” fits into that category — efficient, professional, and powerful. At the same time, it is also easy to use for all users regardless of their skills or experience with email migration.

This is the difference that a paid tool can make. USL Software employed resources and time to create a friendly and intuitive interface, which is an equally important aspect of a software as its internal programming and algorithms.

PST Extractor Pro” also has plenty of features making the job more flexible and productive. You can save the read and unread emails in separate folders, making it easy for you to manage your emails after conversion. The tool also converts contacts and calendar entries to VCF and ICS file respectively, even merge multiple contacts and calendar reminders into a single VCF and ICS file respectively.

PST to MBOX free

Talking about the other differences between free tools and “PST Extractor Pro”, here is a brief list:-

  • It supports conversion of non-English text.
  • It keeps the folder hierarchy same after the conversion.
  • It is backed with a 24×7 customer support.
  • It also splits large MBOX files to smaller ones.
  • There is a full conversion report with details of the items converted.
  • You can filter folders containing emails, contacts, and calendar data.
  • You can ignore empty folders from conversion.

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PST to MBOX Free Trial for Conversion

It is also available at cost-effective packages, making it an effective solution for PST to MBOX conversion. If you want to see it in action without buying it, you can download the pst to mbox free trial version ( It works for 10 items per folder, which is enough to give you the true impression of its potential.

PST Extractor Pro – Convert Outlook PST to Apple Mail effectively

There are many ways to convert Pst to Apple Mail. Most of them require a lot of manual effort from your side and honestly, not worth it. It is very difficult in itself, considering you are migrating your data from Mac to Windows.

And when you throw in other inefficient tools and manual methods, the task becomes a nightmare. Just get to any forums or blogs, and you will find countless frustrated users who are not being able to convert Outlook Pst to Apple Mail.

Convert Outlook PST to Apple Mail

So, what’s the solution that can be applied easily and still get accurate results?

“Pst Extractor Pro” is a tool that converts Pst files into other output formats, including Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage 2004/2008, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX & EML.

But what makes it is the best tool for this? Here are the top two features that make it the best, but they are not all.

It doesn’t leave out a single bit of data

What it means in computer term is that it offers full data integrity. When you convert emails from Outlook Pst to Apple Mail, most of the times your data doesn’t get properly transferred. You may find many of the missing components, such as, loss of attachments, images, nested messages, etc.

This is where Pst Extractor Pro comes, and ends this age of inefficient and incomplete migration. It takes every bit of data and converts it thoroughly to Apple mail. There will be no modification of any kind, except that the files will be changed from Pst to Mbox (Apple mail). The data inside them will appear untouched.

Items to recover correctly

Here are few of the the elements that are most hard to convert properly, but this tool faces no problems with them –

  • Attachments
  • Email properties (to, cc, Bcc, from, subject)
  • Nested Messages
  • Folder structure
  • Non-English text
  • read/unread emails

Any Users (experts and non-Experts) can use it without any issue

I think most effective tools fail on their graphical interface design. The tool has to be usable by basic computer users, otherwise the features don’t mean much.

That’s not the case with Pst Extractor Pro. The developers have made huge efforts to create the interface that can be used by anyone, without any prior knowledge. Its one-screen interface brings everything on a single place, in an easy to understand way.

Other functionalities

  • Conversion of contacts and calendar data to Vcf and Ics file
  • Split Mbox files into two smaller parts (you can manually specify the size)
  • saves read/unread emails in separate folders (Gives you choice to turn it off)
  • Full conversion report in the end
  • multiple output formats (Entourage 2004/2008, Thunderbird, Postbox, Rge, Eml, etc.)
  • Supports non-English content
  • Preservers your folder structure

Get it to convert Outlook PST to Apple Mail

It is available to download here. This link is for the instant download of the trial limited edition. The only restriction is that you can convert only 10 items from each folder. Once you find it satisfying, you can easily register for the full license.

Convert Outlook PST to Apple Mail

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Get it today and convert Outlook PST to Apple mail Archive without any data loss.