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OST to PST Conversion has become so common among professionals that it has become synonymous to daily life acts. But are they satisfied with it? No. There is always something left behind. Conversion processes like these eats database or speed or both at times.

Therefore, it is highly suggested that one should invest well in a tool which can not only convert OST files to PST easily, but also securely. Because only a powerful tool can do this task comprehensively. It will not leave any error and will also make the post conversion life of every professional easy. But before diving into that let’s first know why do we need OST to PST Conversion at all

OST to PST Conversion defined in detail

MS Outlook uses three components to work efficiently – OST format files, PST format files and MS Exchange server. The OST files save mailbox content like calendar, mails, tools, notes etc. offline. These offline files can be accessed anytime at your earliest convenience. PST format works with Outlook when online. In order to sync OST files with Outlook we have MS Exchange server. For that one needs to have an account in MS Exchange server.

MS Exchanger server has this notorious habit of crashing or being down for maintenance. This puts huge strain on professionals. Their work flow is seriously disrupted by this. As they do not have MS Exchange server to sync their OST files with PST, they have to carry out the process themselves.

These scenarios give birth to OST to PST Conversion. OST to PST Conversion is also useful when OST files get corrupt. In any scenario when you need to import OST database to Outlook you will need to convert your OST database to PST format.

How to execute OST to PST conversion comprehensively

To convert OST database to PST format with full satisfaction, of course, you need a premium tool. A tool like this will have an easy to use interface, high end technology, multiple features like conversion of bulk database in batches, high speed, preservation of folder hierarchy and much more. A tool like this will even cost a lot.

To your surprise, I would like to inform you that USL software has launched OST Extractor Pro. This is a premium OST to PST Conversion tool. It has all the attributes mentioned above. Plus, it allows for selective conversions. It can convert text of any language from OST to PST format. It allows for advance allocation of OST files sizes too. All this can be done away with in 10 minutes with OST Extractor Pro.

ost to pst conversion

Get it for OST to PST Conversion

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The fairy tale does not end here. The tool is also easy on your pocket. Its individual license will cost anyone only $49. But at $79, you can buy a household version which will allows you and your four other friends or group members to use this tool. This strategy will help you so much in keeping your workflow smooth without putting a hole in your pockets.

ost to pst

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