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Looking for quick and safe methods to get your Google MBOX file into Outlook? Here’s the definite answer.

How to Get Goolge MBOX file into Outlook

Google allows you to archive your emails from Gmail into an MBOX File that you can open with Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and many other email clients. But Outlook doesn’t support MBOX. What you can do is convert it into PST, and then simply go to Outlook, click on File à Import and select the converted PST file.

Once you have the PST file, it is just a few clicks to import it into Outlook. But it’s the step that comes before that – converting MBOX into PST – that can be a nuisance. And especially if you are a busy person, such email file conversion can be time consuming and can swallow your entire productivity.

Moreover, it’s not just about converting MBOX to PST but also doing it in a way that doesn’t alter the original structure of emails, folders, and other items. Keeping the metadata and other details from misplacing or completely lost is what makes the task somewhat intimidating.

Any project involving transfer of data is always plagued with such concerns. In fact, even in the world beyond computers, moving from one place to another with your things can be daunting for the same purpose. Another example is a simple translation from one language to another. You often find yourself with something missing or the meaning has been altered to some degree. The main objective is always to just change the format and to move data from source to destination without alteration and modification.

The tool that you need

That is what ‘Mail Extractor Pro” offers – a quick way to get Google MBOX file into Outlook by converting it into PST, and the mechanisms that work at the core of the tool does all the job of keeping the structure and integrity safe. You will never find a single item either misplaced, modified, or broken. From email attachments to font styles to graphics and everything else in between – the tool is capable of processing all information into PST without any errors.

It can convert MBOX, EML, Mac Mail, Thunderbird and Postbox to Outlook for Mac & Win.

Google MBOX file into Outlook

Quick & Accurate Conversion

And it does so with almost double the speed any other tool can. This saves your precious time and allows you to finish the entire process without too much hassle. Productivity is the ulterior hidden motive behind all software that we have ever used. And if any software takes more time than needed or more time than you would have taken to do it manually – then, it’s not at all worth it. Thankfully, “Mail Extractor Pro” has finally ended the issue of long and tiring email file conversion. The algorithms work without pauses or freezing and converts Gmail to PST very quickly, even the large files.

Other features

google mbox into outlook

Other features also include a simple way to control the size of output PST files and split them into multiple smaller files if needed. There’s even a single-click option to exclude the empty folders and keep your output clean and free of any unnecessary and outdated content you may not need. The native conversion support for Unicode content from email headers is another way “Mail Extractor Pro” outranks all other MBOX to PST converters. If you have non-English characters in your email headers or in email bodies, it’s time to finally stop worrying if the tool can safely convert them or not.

Because “Mail Extractor Pro” definitely can – and all other content that Google MBOX files have stored.

Try it today

Google MBOX to Outlook

The free trial will make you experience all these features in much detail and how they apply to your exact situation and database. It’s a great way to clear any doubts you might have. Download the trial using the link below and get your data from Google MBOX file into Outlook in the best possible way possible today.