Convert Outlook to Mac Mail with ease

There are not many ways to convert your outlook windows to Mac mail, but the most popular are two ways.

First is the manual method which is dreaded by normal users who do not have technical excellence in computers or email management.

The second or the modern method is the process of email conversion where a user converts his email files to another format using an email converter designed specifically for the process.

Now, if you are a modern email user who wishes to convert Outlook to Mac mail without being exposed to the dangers of file loss or database corruption, then you must be aware of third party tools that are available to help Outlook users in converting their Outlook PST emails to Apple Mail for mac environment.

The current situation

If we look around, we can see that the number of tools that offer to convert outlook to Mac mail is rising without control and therefore there is a lot of confusion among email users regarding what to choose. So in order to avoid this confusion, you should clearly understand that most of the tools that claim to give good results for “free” are mostly fake tools that are not effective for everyone.

If you can afford to lose your data, then using them might not be such a bad idea but if you are dealing with important data that carries value and significance, then you should only aim at choosing among professionally developed email converters.

One email converter that you can trust to convert your Outlook to Mac Mail is the PST Extractor Pro.

The PST Extractor Pro was created by USL software to help normal email users in converting their PST files to Mac mail format without going through a complicated process of conversion. The USL team has achieved this feat by incredibly simplifying the whole process of file conversion starting from installation.

convert outlook to mac mail

Listed below are the best features of the PST Extractor Pro.

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  • The tool can be installed in seconds.
  • The tool comes with a pre-installed wizard that guides you throughout the conversion.
  • The tool gives step by step conversion of files from PST to Mac mail.
  • The tool protects your data with 100% data assurance.
  • The PST Extractor Pro works at high speeds to save your time.
  • The tool lets you skip the manual loading of files from the hard disk.
  • With the PST Extractor Pro you get a 100% precision guarantee in results.
  • The PST Extractor Pro preserves your folder hierarchy.
  • You can move your PST database in bulk to Mac mail.
  • The tool comes backed up by a friendly support team


If the above listed benefits seem attractive to you, or if you are interested to know how converting emails with the PST Extractor Pro feels like, then you are most welcome to try this amazing PST to Mac mail converter for free.

A free trial to Convert Outlook to Mac Mail

The free version lets you convert PST to Mac mail, 10 times for each folder. Thus you can use it until you are satisfied. Afterwards, you can upgrade to the full version at a very affordable price.

Download & Read More:

Get a free demo of the PST Extractor Pro here to Convert Outlook to Mac Mail.