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Convert OST to PST Free Download Copy

Get the free download trial edition of “OST Extractor Pro” from USL Software to convert your OST files to PST files easily and quickly, and without the added risk of data integrity loss.

If you have any experience about email migration, you will realize how hard it can be to convert data without losing the elements embedded inside the files. The emails of today have taken quite a turn since they were first introduced in the last century. They no longer contain the simple words. Their complexity can make the job of email file conversion a nightmare.

And so is OST to PST conversion the biggest nightmare in that category of tasks. If you wish to convert them without any troubles, you have to choose a perfectly and professionally developed software application, and there’s no other that even comes close like “OST Extractor Pro”.

OST Extractor Pro is an ultimate tool by USL Software for recovering & converting OST file to PST for Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook.

convert ost to pst

Here are seven of its best features:

  1. It can convert all the emails from OST to PST while also keeping the folders and their structure preserved. Most tools output the folder hierarchy into a mess where you can’t figure out anything and can be really painful.
  2. Convert all OST files, regardless of the source. OST is associated with the Windows Outlook all versions. Most converters wouldn’t support OST file through the previous editions of Outlook, or when used with Exchange servers, or some other annoying limitations like that. With “OST Extractor Pro,” You will get to convert OST file from all Outlook editions, Office 365, Exchange, and more.
  3. Use the PST file that it converts OST into in all Outlook versions, including the Mac Outlook (because it supports PST format too).
  4. Convert OST files in bulk. You can select the entire folder where the OST files are stored, the tool will load all the contents from those files, and you can convert the entire set of files to PST in one click. The official support for batch conversion means that the tool doesn’t falter or compromise with the other factors like speed and accuracy.
  5. Convert large OST files. Along with the support for batch conversion, you can also convert the OST files regardless of the size they are in.
  6. The tool also supports non-English text conversion without a single problem. Most of the times, an OST to PST converter would convert non-English text, but they would halt at the slightest hint of tricky characters, most commonly like Chinese and Japanese. This is because they encoded with double-byte characters (called DBCS standard) as supposed to a single byte used with English and other languages. But “OST Extractor Pro” works seamlessly with whatever languages your emails are in.
  7. Simplest interface to work with. Even the users with no knowledge of email migration can start using the tool for converting the files. This is made possible by a creative design of the UI and by eliminating any necessary manual steps. The intuitive nature of the UI makes the job a breeze!

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convert ost to pst free

To convert ost to pst, get ‘OST Extractor Pro’ for hassle free migration.