Apple Mail to MBOX Conversion Tool

Businesses do not need to convert Apple mail to MBOX or Postbox by manual methods. They have huge financial backup and high support. They can easily get a tool for the conversion process. Then why don’t they? Well, the answer is that most tools do not provide the services the tools have to offer. They lack basic Apple mail to MBOX conversion needs of businesses such as complete conversions and free trial versions, let alone bulk conversions. However, we have written this article to inform businesses that one tool has arrived which can change the way they convert Apple mail forever. This tool is ‘Mail Extractor Max’.

Mail Extractor Max helps you for migration from Apple Mail to Thunderbird, Postbox, Outlook for Mac 2011, Microsoft Entourage, MBOX & EML file format.


A business relies heavily on data. This database has to be converted, transacted, retrieved and stored every day in one way or other. However, the biggest threat to this database is posed by conversion process. Therefore, it becomes very important for customers to find a tool which not only executes the conversion task but is also safe. This tool is more than that.

Mail Extractor Max provides businesses not only the basic requirements such as complete conversions, simple process, and preservation of folder arrangement but also the most important feature to any organization – bulk conversion. This tool can give businesses everything they need in Apple mail to MBOX conversion.

Apple Mail to MBOX

Let’s look at its business-specific services in detail:-


This tool gives business every reason to skip the training session of this tool for its employees. The tool makes the process very simple and soothing for its customers. The interface unravels the Apple mail conversion process in such simple terms that employees do not need any briefing in this tool at all.


This tool also converts everything in Apple mail database. From mails to attachments to Meta data content, everything is converted to any format businesses desire. The tool also makes sure that customers do not have to face any hassle in achieving this goal. The tool also preserves texts of all languages successfully.


This tool can easily convert Apple mail to MBOX in bulk. This helps in easy and smooth conversion of Apple mail database in only one session. This is very useful to businesses as they do not have to repeat this temporary task at all. This tool provides the best bulk conversion of Apple mail to Thunderbird or Postbox in the shortest span of time. It will never compromise with the quality of the conversion.


This tool always preserves the folder arrangement. The tool makes sure that customers do not have to waste their time in finding their converted files. Therefore, it always preserves the folder arrangement which helps in easy access of converted files.

Apple Mail to MBOX Conversion


The most amazing feature of this tool is that it has a free trial version. It can be used by any business representative to test the tool thoroughly. This demo version is available for a limited time period only. Grab the free trial version of this tool and try it for Apple mail to MBOX conversions right now!