There are many software that claim to change OST to PST files. But the biggest glitch is that most of the software are not capable of converting or recovering 100% of OST data to PST data. Also, such software and tools come with an annual subscription and are too expensive to afford. Hence here are a few questions that are answered to help you make the best decision for your OST file conversion.

What ist the best OST to PST Conversion Tool?

Any software is initially rated because of its performance. Which means if the software is meant to do a task like a recovery it should help recover 100%  of the user’s data. OST Extractor Pro promises to convert your OST files into PST files without any kind of data loss. This makes the OST to PST converter Outlook 2016 the best.

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Can I use the same license for Windows and Mac?

The OST Extractor Pro gives you the feature where you can use the same license key for both your devices that is Windows and Mac. Provided that you need to purchase a package that supports both the operating systems. These licenses are valid for a lifetime and can be used on both the devices making it easier for you to manage the license number.

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Can it convert large OST files?

The algorithm used in the OST Extractor Pro is such that it can convert large or OST files into PST files in no time. This means that if you have a large OST file, the software will automatically split the OST file into two or more for faster processing. Also, the data is processed at a speed of 1 GB per 10 minutes. Which makes the recovery process super fast.

Can the software process the data in the same format as it is saved in?

Most of the tools that are available in the market help you recover your OST files into PST files but the hierarchy is something that is compromised on. The developers of the OST Extractor Pro make sure that no such compromise is made when you are recovering your OST files. All the hierarchy is maintained when processing your OST files and is saved in the PST format in the very same form. Hence the data is not scattered and makes sense to you.

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Can it convert text that is not in the English format?

Yes, the OST Extractor Pro makes use of high-level double byte algorithm that allows not only English text language to be converted but it also allows non-English text language such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic to be recovered in the PST format. The software understands each and every instruction very well and converts the same keeping the original format and text.

So here was a quick review of the OST to PST Extractor Pro software. The OST to PST Extractor Pro is not only the best that is available in the market but it is one of the essential tools that one must have to be used with OST files on the daily basis. Download the OST Extractor Pro today and recover PST files with ease.

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