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Planning to convert ost files to pst, then read the article.

Unknown to most people, their data is saved in the offline storage table-ost format. The problem with this is that the format is inherently unsafe and may result in the loss of data at any given instance. Be it the attack of virus and malware, abrupt shutdown of the system, accidental delete of Exchange account, or hardware failure, the ost files become instantly inaccessible in such cases. This recommends the use of a tool like the OST Extractor Pro by USL Software. This app can convert ost to pst and also any given format the client desires and is applicable to both Windows and Mac.

Convert ost files to pst

The qualities which make the OST Extractor Pro the best choice

Having become aware of the risks involved in to store one’s files in ost format, it is natural for one to try and convert the ost files into a safer format. However, the problem with ost conversion is that it is quite difficult to achieve task manually and risky from safety’s point of view too. So one must either get help from a professional or get an automatic mechanically aided tool to do that task. Since getting a professional is a cumbersome task, most people prefer professional apps. But the problem is that most freeware and converter apps risk the safety of the data and corrupt files.

ost files to pst

The safest and wisest option therefore is to use the OST Extractor Pro, the features of which are elaborated below:

Wide applicability:

The OST Extractor Pro by USL Software can be used not only for the latest version of ost files but far older ones. It can convert it all- from Exchange 5.0 version to 2017 version, from Outlook 2003 to 2016 version. So it is not hindered by the version of the files. Also, size doesn’t matter to this app. Ost files get bigger over time as mail accumulate, but this app handles it all.

Recovers everything:

This app would not disappoint users when given the task to convert a variety of texts. It can recognize and work with all kinds of texts, from non-English language to double-byte characters, from metadata to headers. The best feature is its ability to convert contacts and calendar files as well. In addition, nested messages and attachment files are preserved masterfully by this app as well.

Batch conversion technology:

Users of this app do not have to wait long hours for the output to arrive. Instead of converting files one-by-one, they can convert them in bulk. Batch conversion allows clients to convert as many files as they want without affecting the efficiency of the task.

Excellent customer care service:

The client support system of this software remains up-to-date and ever-ready to help clients. First-time users can take assistance of this service to operate the app in the beginning if they face a problem.

For people desirous of saving their data from the danger of loss, the OST Extractor Pro is the best choice. The link to the trial as well as the full version is given below.

Get it at https://www.uslsoftware.com/convert-ost-to-pst/

To convert ost files to pst format, try OST Extractor Pro today.