migrate apple mail to thunderbird

Apple Mail to Thunderbird is an email migration task that can be rough on even experts in an IT department.

Apple Mail to Thunderbird Migration

This can be confusing and shocking to users doing this for the first time. But there is not a direct and official support for data migration across these clients. You can still use the MBOX file format. It is supported in both clients, but the process of doing that is long and tiring.

Which is why many users turn to solutions from third-parties. There are some decent software tools. They can help you make this task practical and efficient, but these are far few. And despite all they offer, they often have at least one or two missing components

Let us see how the alternative discussed here will do with this task.

Tool to migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Mail Extractor Max‘ is nothing like the generic software tools. It is an unconventional but most effective way to move Mac Mail contents to Thunderbird. It does not leave any errors or integrity flaws.

apple mail to thunderbird

Here are certain notable features that you will love:

  • The program can detect and autoload contents from the Profile database of Apple Mail. It allows manually selecting any backup databases too.
  • The dedicated mechanism for Unicode text in emails and headers offer, for the first time, the 100% conversion of non-English content all the time and consistently.
  • It also brings the unified means of processing other intricate and complex forms of content such as graphics/photos, MIME content, attachments (non-textual, application files, and more), nested emails, text formatting, and so on.
  • Clever new approach to convert data while also keeping the folder hierarchy intact. You can expect for each and every folder to be mapped from Apple Mail to Thunderbird without misplacing or losing their order.
  • The speed can often be the most ignored aspect of generic Apple Mail to Thunderbird converters. But here you get a chance at prompt migration. The tool works with a lightning fast speed, with small, large, or any kind of Apple Mail database.
  • One more feature that may not fit the topic of this post is that it is an app to convert Apple Mail not just to Thunderbird but also to other formats including Entourage 2004/2008, Outlook Mac, Postbox, MBOX files, and EML files.

Easy, Accurate, Safe & Secure

And finally, if you are worried, you may not be able to use it, since there are so many options and features.You will highly appreciate the fact that UI is built for beginners in mind. The basic and minimal nature of the interface allows anyone to pick it up. You can get started right away without having any prior experience or expertise with email migration. The instructions, the features, and every other aspect are designed in a way to make intuitive sense, regardless of the skills of the users in this domain.

apple mail to thunderbird migration

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The Support

If you still require any sort of assistance, the support team is ready to help you at any time of day or night. It is available 24 x7. That makes a huge difference in your experience, especially for migration projects in a large corporate work database.

Get it today

Mail Extractor Max‘ comes in different licenses (pricing packages) to make it economical for all the users with varying needs and goals, including large corporations who need to migrate data on many machines.

But before that, it is recommended to see the tool in action through the trial mode. And it is available to download page and is completely free.