Thunderbird to Office 365 Conversion

New technology with new rules to transfer Thunderbird to Office 365 – Mail Extractor Pro eliminates all the obsolete means!

To transfer Thunderbird to Office 365, there are many established ways that keep the user involved in more than required chores. These chores aren’t an absolute requirement and thereby it is essential that users understand how that monotony is to be broken. Being unnecessarily occupied with activities such as prior extraction of mails, working the way through IMAP, etc is highly time consuming. There is a better way to transfer Thunderbird to Office 365 and that is what we would learn today!

Transfer Thunderbird to Office 365 for Mac and Windows

If the job is to transfer Thunderbird to Office 365, then any method that doesn’t get the basic task done must be bid adieu to as the first step. A third party email converter tool is the best way to go about transferring Thunderbird to Office 365 provided that the most appropriate tool is chosen in the first place. Mail Extractor Pro, that is the focus of our discussion, is the best of the best converter tool to transfer Thunderbird to Office 365.

Thunderbird to Office 365

This tool, which revolutionizes the process to transfer Thunderbird to Office 365, is the benchmark for tools aiming at entering this world of email converters. It has everything that is required to skillfully handle the files throughout the gnarly transfer of Thunderbird files to Office 365. As a word of suggestion, this tool is a must try for anyone and everyone wishing to transfer Thunderbird to Outlook 365 effectively.

Transfer Mozilla Thunderbird Export to Outlook 365 at lightning fast speed with Mail Extractor Pro!

Fast Conversion

To export Thunderbird to Outlook, Mail Extractor Pro takes only about a few minutes even with a huge database involved. The tool is able to sail through smoothly as there are no bugs in the system. The files are quickly uploaded and converted with the help of advanced technology within. No hiccups and no breaks in the process are the means to a cheerful experience for the users on the whole!

Accurate Conversion

What’s more is that the users get to keep a watch over the progress being made on the Thunderbird to PST conversion job through the log report. There is also an option to pause or escape the whole process mid-way, if desired. 100% achievement on log report indicates completion of the Thunderbird to Office 365 transfer job. Once the Thunderbird to Outlook 365 transfer job is completed, the files can be found in the pre-selected locations.

Safe Conversion

The best part about using Mail Extractor Pro to convert Thunderbird to Outlook is that the complexity of the content does not slow down the tool at all. Even if the content is hugely comprised of graphical content or attachments, it still would be able to give out the conversions in a limited time frame. Interestingly, the quality of the results remains consistent too. That is to say, every kind of component can be effectively handled by this tool.

Transfer Thunderbird to Office 365

Try it and transfer Thunderbird to Office 365 permanently!