converting eml to pst outlook

Converting EML to PST Outlook is a job for those who want to move their data to Outlook client but all they have are EML files that are incompatible with the client. If you will try to go to Outlook import feature in either Windows or Mac version, you wouldn’t find an option to import EML files. Therefore, the third-party converters come into the picture.

Converting EML to PST Outlook for Mac and Windows

Depending on what kind of a converter you are using for converting EML to PST Outlook, the task can be over in a few minutes or it can turn into a tedious and daunting one. For some users with sensitive email data, it can also turn into a complete nightmare. Because they end up with data loss or some gaps in their email related data.

If you are not ready for that, you must pick a professional and safe software. That will take you from initial point to final output without such pitfalls like data loss.

The EML to Outlook (PST) Converter

So, here’s a surprisingly easy way to get this job done. It’s a tool developed after proper consideration of every associated element and challenge with the job. Called “Mail Extractor Pro,” this is the only software you need. The tool, lets you convert EML to PST without going through complex technical learning curve. The simple interface works like a charm for everyone. Just install and follow the simple instructions and you can be done with it in a few minutes.

converting eml to pst

Preserve everything

The algorithms that work underneath the surface delivers sharp and clean output. There has never been any data loss reported with Mail Extractor Pro. From your images to attachments, from headers to links, and from every other kind of data saved in the files – this tool has the required power and set of logic to convert all of them. It can also convert non-English or Unicode-based content from the headers without issues. There are unique algorithms devised that target the more complex and intricate parts of your data, like the rich-text formatting, graphics inside emails, and the folder hierarchy.

What you get in the end is the exact copy of the input/EML files. Not one thing is misplaced or converted partially.

Even more, there are multiple options to customize the process and output as per individual’s needs.

Unique features

  • Split large PST files by simply specifying how large a file you want
  • Ignore all empty folders in a single click
  • Batch eml to pst conversion of multiple EML files in one go
  • Manually exclude any unnecessary folder you do not want to convert

“Mail Extractor Pro” has all that you need and then some more. It has often been hailed as the best software for converting EML to PST Outlook that does the job satisfyingly and without any risk to data integrity.

Try it for free

mail extractor pro website

You can go ahead and get the licensed version or download the free trial to find out more about all its amazing features. It won’t be long before you want to get the full version, seeing directly how simple the interface is and how powerful the features are.