eml to pst conversion tool

Mail Extractor Pro by USL software has been readied as an EML to PST conversion tool that can provide to its users’ specific demands with specialized features. It can been created by experts to provide mail conversion that is not only accurate but also fast and precise. It is easy to use and is suitable to be used by everyone, even beginners. Thanks to its intuitive interface, the users would be able to finish the conversion in record time with satisfying results.

eml to pst conversion

It can convert EML, MBOX, Thunderbird, Postbox and OS X Mail to Outlook supported PST file format,

Your search for EML to PST conversion free is over

The trial version of this software can be used for free to convert EML to PST without paying anything. Most of all, its ability to provide the results with just a few steps is the most remarkable feature of all. It can be used by anyone, all they have to do is to follow the steps being provided by the interface.

EML to PST convert online in just a few steps

To convert using this software ought to be the easiest task. All one has to do is to follow the given steps:

  • Begin by  clicking on the icon of this software. It will open and its screen will display several options from which the client can choose. Apple mail, thunderbird, postbox, mbox and eml would be available. If you wish to convert files from EML to Outlook, select it so that the software can automatically select the entire database.
  • If you want to convert only a few, selected files then you can deselect the ones you do not want to. There is also an option to ignore the empty folders completely, one just has to tick the box marked by that name.
  • In case the pst files are too large, say larger than 15 gb then the clients can also split them. They get to choose the number of files one file would be split into.
  • Since there is no need to further process the files into draft or to transfer the files into windows device, the result would be produced within just a few minutes of the delivery of the command.

Fast mail conversion service like none other

The users do not have to bother about employing tricks to get their output files faster. This software performs very fast, the ability to convert files in the mac itself is an evidence of that. That facility not only makes the service fast but also safer.

Another way to save time when converting files with this software is to send files for conversion in bulk. As the files do not need to be converted individually, the task is not daunting and also much more fast.

Unicode compatible and neatly arranges data

The unicode compatibility of this software is awesome. The users would be able to convert data of all sorts without trouble. It is capable of processing files that are in various languages without requiring further assistance. It also makes sure that it does not arrange or rearrange the folders and subfolders hierarchically. You will as is copy of your mailbox folder hierarchy.

eml to pst conversion free

Download this software now for converting EML to PST.