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How to Transfer Thunderbird to Outlook

Email migration can surely take its toll. If you have no experience with the data files and where everything is stored, you can end up wasting your time, or worst, losing your data. Today, we will discuss some different methods of transferring Thunderbird to Outlook, one of the email migration tasks that is considered daunting.

And then, we will also reveal what is the best method among all of them.

Use Manual IMAP based data Sync Approach

Most users are aware of only manually transferring Thunderbird to Outlook. Since it requires no third-party application or add-on, it appears to be the first solution everyone looks for. You don’t need to install anything new on your computer, so what harm can it do, right?

Actually, manual approach is not very good. In fact, if you are concerned of productivity loss and damaging your data integrity, you should avoid it at all cost.

But for some users, it may be worth knowing. So, here’s how you do it:

First, create a new email account in Gmail, or any other email provider that offers IMAP.

Add that account to Thunderbird and sync everything to that account’s web servers. Just drag your folders inside the folder for your email account. It will take time to sync everything into the servers.

Now, add that same account to Windows Outlook. Drag the folders from inside the email account into Outlook local folder. That will sync/download data from the servers to the clients.

Convert Archived Files into PST files for Outlook

The next option you have is to archive Thunderbird data into MBOX files. MBOX is a generic data file that can store archived emails and other forms of data like contacts and calendar data. However, it’s not compatible with Windows Outlook.

Therefore, to proceed further, you need a third-party MBOX file converter. That converter can convert everything from MBOX into PST files. PST is a data file native for Windows Outlook. Once the conversion is over, you need to import the PST files into Windows Outlook.

There are issues with this option as well. First, you need third-party addons to export Thunderbird to MBOX. It can be confusing and time consuming to do that. The add-ons sometimes work, sometimes they don’t. Second, any MBOX to PST converter you choose, it will often end up with inaccurate conversion and might damage data integrity.

So, what can a user do? How can you safely and quickly transfer Thunderbird to Outlook?

Now, we can move on to the best option to do that.

Use “Mail Extractor Pro” to Convert Thunderbird to Outlook Directly!

Mail Extractor Pro” is a Mac utility from USL Software that can help you perform this job surprisingly better than any other approach. It’s not a file converter; it’s a complete solution for email migration between the two clients.

Mail Extractor Pro can convert your emails from Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox and all *.mbox files to PST for Mac Outlook 2016 / 2011 and Windows Outlook 2013 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003.

So, how does it work?

It automatically detects your database folder of Thunderbird where emails and other items are stored. You don’t need to use any add-on or plugin for Thunderbird. You don’t need to archive data. You don’t need to dig for raw files of Thunderbird. The tool directly targets the database and gets it converted to PST files.

Then, simply import PST into Windows Outlook.

transfer thunderbird to outlook

how to transfer thunderbird to outlook

transferring thunderbird to outlook

Download to Transfer Thunderbird to Outlook

The tool works accurately for all kinds of information. It’s easy to use, misses no components, is backed up by 24×7 support, and has all necessary features to make the job simple for you.

Download the free trial version of ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ to transfer Thunderbird to Outlook.