emlx into outlook

Import EMLX into Outlook Simplified

EMLX files are native Apple Mail files. Apple use EMLX file to make spotlight index searching faster and more efficient. EMLX isn’t an archived data file (like MBOX), and one file contains a single email message.

To move your data in EMLX files into Outlook isn’t possible by the simple importing them using the in-built feature of Outlook client. Nor can Apple Mail archive the data in a format that’s compatible with Outlook (PST).

There are alternatives like manually syncing the data to an email account, adding that account to Outlook, and syncing the data from the account to the client’s local database. This can take long (since there is uploading and downloading of data), and can even be inaccurate.

The other option is to convert EMLX to PST files. For that you can use third-party file converters. Load your EMLX files into the program and it will convert them to PST files.

But, I am here to suggest an even better approach. There is a tool from USL Software, called “Mail Extractor Pro”, which can do the same thing but with a different style.

import emlx into outlook

Import EMLX into Outlook using Mail Extractor Pro

The most prominent feature in this program that sets it apart from other similar converters is its auto-loading feature. Select ‘Auto-load’ option, and the tool will get your contents from native Apple Mail database directly. Or you can also manually upload any database directly from any location. This allows you to convert emails without you having to manually pick each EMLX file. If you have a lot of emails (each email corresponds to a single EMLX file), manual EMLX file to PST conversion could become hectic, almost practically impossible.

“Mail Extractor Pro” also features safe and accurate conversion algorithms. It will detect every item from the input, all of its metadata and properties, and convert them to PST files without fracturing the data’s integrity. There would be no gaps in your output files. The fidelity will be perfect intact.

Some of the examples of data loss and fragmentation is – broken graphical objects inside the email bodies, damaged email addresses of emails (To, From, CC, Bcc), messed up folder hierarchy, lost email attachments, and so on. Most traditional tools to import EMLX into Outlook fall short of the ability to convert every detail from the files/databases.

The interface (GUI) of ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is another aspect worthy of praise. Usually, email migration tasks like importing EMLX into Outlook are tedious and very hard to do accurately, even by advanced users. But with the intuitive interface of this tool, you would find that everything is natural and easy.

All the features are structured nicely into the wizard screen, making the entire project flow smoothly. You don’t need any tutorial, training, or anything. Right from the first screen after installation, you’d know what to do.

There is even a complete preview of all the folders in their correct order in the preview section of the tool. As soon as you load your Apple Mail, you can see the folders and even select which ones you want to convert and which ones not. You can also check the “ignore empty folders” box to dismiss all folders with no content from the output files.

Start your free trial now. Get the setup here and begin! Before activation, the tool will give you the access to check out all the features only for ten items inside each folder. It’s the perfect way to get your hands on the tool and see how it works for you.

If you are looking for emlx to pst converter, try Mail Extractor Pro. Convert / import emlx into Outlook – Super easy with it.