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Doesn’t everyone here desire reliable as well as worth software that can help you with your mail related needs? After-all, we rely on our mails to share our personal as well as professional data. And leaving this data to random software online for any kind of requirement is a non-forgivable mistake. You are not only risking damage to it but you are also putting at stake whatever data/information is contained in it.

This, therefore, means that you should be utterly careful when dealing with your files. The reason you are reading this piece of writing is because I made this huge mistake. All I wanted was to migrate my Thunderbird to PST file. In trying to do so, I landed myself into a big problem. I wrongly trusted an online source, and got spammed vigorously for the next few days. Thankfully, I didn’t lose my data. However, I did learn my lesson for good. After doing the much needed research, here is what I have come to find.

Thunderbird to PST Converter

Anyone, who wants to try a Thunderbird to PST converter tool, must try Mail Extractor Pro. This tool has been designed by the experts in the field – ‘USL software‘. This tool helps to convert Thunderbird mail to Outlook PST smoothly and efficiently. This is an extremely safe tool to work with. Besides keeping your data secure, it gives you several other reasons to rely on it.

Thunderbird to PST

Why Mail Extractor Pro for converting Thunderbird to PST?

The reasons to use Mail Extractor Pro are countless. The process to export Thunderbird mail to Outlook PST can be quite complex. However, this complexity is not a problem for the users. Mail Extractor Pro works its wonder in the background but to the user this isn’t visible as the user-interface is highly simplified. This highly intuitive user-interface ensures that anyone who is using this software will easily sail through. It has certain features which are breathtaking. Some of them are:

  1. No Damage to data– It doesn’t let anything happen to your data. This is a bug-free tool and it doesn’t crash keeping your data secure.
  2. Fast Conversion– The data conversion is really fast and smooth. Once the data is uploaded-manually or automatically-it gets converted at lightning fast speed.
  3. Preserves Folder Hierarchy– The manner in which your files were saved in the original format is not affected. The files are delicately converted and saved in the exact same manner as they were before the conversion.
  4. Converts double byte characters– It can help convert double byte characters which are made use of in languages like Chinese, Korean, etc.
  5. Splits large PST files– You have the option of splitting up larger files as per your requirements.
  6. Large files transfer– It undoubtedly helps you to convert bulk data in one go.

thunderbird to pst converter

Get the Thunderbird to PST Converter

These are few of the many things that are offered by this excellent Thunderbird to PST converter freeware. The accuracy of the converted data is magnificent in itself. In order to try this Thunderbird to PST conversion tool, get copy of your free trial version here.