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Do you want to know about the tool that you can use for converting Thunderbird to Outlook 2019? If yes then go ahead and read this article and you will get your answers right here.

Now as you must be quite aware that Converting Thunderbird to Outlook 2019 is easy but if done with the right kind of tool. There are many options available on the internet which can help you in getting the job done. But to make your task easier and accurate you can use this tool as suggested.

A tool that you can use for converting Thunderbird to Outlook 2019

Before you start with Converting Thunderbird to Outlook 2019 you need to have MBOX files with you. Now MBOX files are basically the file format that is supported by Thunderbird. Once you have the MBOX files you can then use a tool and get it converted into PST file format. Then this PST file format can be uploaded on Outlook for transferring from Thunderbird to Outlook.

Easy conversions right in your hands

If you do not have MBOX archives files do not worry, the tool that I am going to tell you about will help you in extracting the data directly from your Thunderbird for converting them into PST file format. This is one of the convenient features provided by this tool which illuminates the process of extracting MBOX file before getting the conversion done.

The Ideal Tool to Convert Thunderbird to PST format is here

The tool that I am mentioning here is the Mail Extractor Pro. This tool has some amazing algorithms and smart operation that gets the task done easily. It does not consume much of your time or effort in getting the job done. This tool makes the job of Converting Thunderbird to Outlook 2019 much easier in comparison to other tools available in the market.

Converting Thunderbird to Outlook 2019

Let’s get down to some amazing features of this tool for converting Thunderbird to Outlook 2019.

Double-byte Character Conversion

The double-byte character conversion is one of the coolest features that this tool offers. The best part is that it understands all the foreign languages which use double-byte characters for communication. Mostly languages like Korean, Japanese, Chinese use double-byte characters. This tool can easily convert these double byte characters into PST file format.

Batch Conversion

If you do not want to extract your files directly from the Thunderbird mail, then that is completely fine. This tool offers you to upload multiple MBOX files at the very same time and processes them simultaneously. This lowers the time required in getting the conversion done as it does not queue the multiple MBOX files to process it.

Convert Thunderbird to Outlook 2019

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It also offers you 24/7 support to help you through the process of conversion. Also, it has a very friendly user interface which makes it easier for the users to use it. If you purchase the pack you can also get a lifetime membership and a free update for a lifetime. This is one amazing tool for converting Thunderbird to Outlook PST.

Thunderbird to Outlook 2019

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