olm to pst migration

The perfect way of Migrating OLM to PST is here: Mail Passport Pro

Migrating OLM to PST is the perfect way of converting all your data from OLM to PST. The data stored in the input file needs to be converted into a different form and boom, you have all the data migrated from one account to another.

Sounds simple, right? But actually isn’t. The process of migrating OLM to PST is a tricky one. All the data present in the input file goes through a very vulnerable state. Therefore, special care needs to be taken while migrating it all from OLM to PST.

Get the help you need for Migrating OLM to PST

Migrating OLM to PST isn’t easy and getting a converter tool to support your conversion process is the way to go about it. Third-party converter tools are special software tools developed for converting it all from one format to another.

These tools boast special technology backed features. These features are what you exactly need to safeguard your data during that vulnerable phase. But choosing the right converter tool is the key in that.

Out of a sea of converter tools present out there you need the best of the best for migrating OLM to PST effectively and efficiently.

Mail Passport Pro is the tool that you are looking for. The tool offers you the best features in the market along with the assurance of the leaders of email conversion business. Yes, the tool is produced by the leaders in email conversion business, Gladwev Software.

migrating olm to pst

Try exceptional conversion accuracy

Accuracy is what you need by your side when Migrating OLM to PST. The accuracy of the conversion tool determines how good your conversion process will be. The tool retains more data when it is more accurate.

And with Mail Passport Pro you get one of the best conversion accuracies out there. The tool posses enough power to convert everything present in the input file. Be it your meta data, the non-English data or your dual byte data, the tool converts it all.

It doesn’t matter to the tool which kind of data it is dealing with. The tool converts it all from OLM to PST to ensure that you get the best conversion experience.

This not only solves the problem of data being getting left behind during the conversion process but also ensures that you have all that you need in your output file.

Converting olm files in Bulk

Bulk Conversion is another exceptional feature of the tool. The tool converts multiple files at once ensuring that you don’t have to go about converting files one by one.

Bulk Conversion allows you to convert multiple files at once while migrating OLM to PST. Don’t worry the tool is equipped with enough power to get the bulk conversion done without any flaws. Therefore, giving you a perfect conversion process.

migrate olm to pst

Download the free trial today

Get your free copy of the tool today at www.mailpassportpro.com.

eml to pst conversion tool

EML to PST conversion that goes along with your specific requirements

Mail Extractor Pro by USL software has been readied as an EML to PST conversion tool that can provide to its users’ specific demands with specialized features. It can been created by experts to provide mail conversion that is not only accurate but also fast and precise. It is easy to use and is suitable to be used by everyone, even beginners. Thanks to its intuitive interface, the users would be able to finish the conversion in record time with satisfying results.

eml to pst conversion

It can convert EML, MBOX, Thunderbird, Postbox and OS X Mail to Outlook supported PST file format,

Your search for EML to PST conversion free is over

The trial version of this software can be used for free to convert EML to PST without paying anything. Most of all, its ability to provide the results with just a few steps is the most remarkable feature of all. It can be used by anyone, all they have to do is to follow the steps being provided by the interface.

EML to PST convert online in just a few steps

To convert using this software ought to be the easiest task. All one has to do is to follow the given steps:

  • Begin by  clicking on the icon of this software. It will open and its screen will display several options from which the client can choose. Apple mail, thunderbird, postbox, mbox and eml would be available. If you wish to convert files from EML to Outlook, select it so that the software can automatically select the entire database.
  • If you want to convert only a few, selected files then you can deselect the ones you do not want to. There is also an option to ignore the empty folders completely, one just has to tick the box marked by that name.
  • In case the pst files are too large, say larger than 15 gb then the clients can also split them. They get to choose the number of files one file would be split into.
  • Since there is no need to further process the files into draft or to transfer the files into windows device, the result would be produced within just a few minutes of the delivery of the command.

Fast mail conversion service like none other

The users do not have to bother about employing tricks to get their output files faster. This software performs very fast, the ability to convert files in the mac itself is an evidence of that. That facility not only makes the service fast but also safer.

Another way to save time when converting files with this software is to send files for conversion in bulk. As the files do not need to be converted individually, the task is not daunting and also much more fast.

Unicode compatible and neatly arranges data

The unicode compatibility of this software is awesome. The users would be able to convert data of all sorts without trouble. It is capable of processing files that are in various languages without requiring further assistance. It also makes sure that it does not arrange or rearrange the folders and subfolders hierarchically. You will as is copy of your mailbox folder hierarchy.

eml to pst conversion free

Download this software now for converting EML to PST.

Migrate Microsoft OST to PST

Make your Microsoft OST to PST migration safer, better and efficient!

The stigma associated with Microsoft OST to PST migration is well known. You talk to anybody about the conversion process the first reaction is of dread. Nobody willingly wants to go through the process of converting your data from one format to another. Sad thing about it is that you cannot ignore the conversion process.

Microsoft OST to PST Migration

You have to go through the conversion process as there is no other way to get the data transferred quickly and efficiently. But that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer to get the best out of this process. You can carry out your conversion process with ease and accuracy. All you need to do is choose the right conversion solution for the process.

Choosing the right conversion solution

The right conversion solution for your process is the one that not only gives you the power over the conversion process but is easy to use as well. There is no use of an all-powerful conversion solution that you cannot make use of. But finding such a conversion solution isn’t easy.

There are many ways you can tackle Microsoft OST to PST migration. You can even go about it manually. But the thing is the amount and complexity of data present in the modern-day email databases, act as an obstacle for the manual method. You’ll need something new, something up to date.

Third-party converter tools are what you should be looking at. These converter tools offer everything that you need. They are backed by modern technological advancements. They provide your conversion process the edge that has been missing from the previous solutions.

OST Extractor Pro: The best converter tool for the job

Just knowing that third-party Microsoft OST to PST migration tools will solve your problem isn’t enough. You need to know which one you need. It becomes very hard to choose a particular conversion solution from the sea of them present in the market.

Microsoft OST to PST Migration

The one that is preferred by most experts and casual users is OST Extractor Pro. The converter tool from USL Software has everything that is required to get the process beyond the finish line. The tool packs the best combination of all the best features in the market.

Microsoft OST to PST Migration Tool

The feature list of the tool is blessed with features like:

Immaculate Conversion Accuracy:

Conversion accuracy of this tool knows no match. The tool provides you with one of the best conversion accuracies in the business. The algorithms supported by the tool help you convert every single bit of your data. The tool makes easy work of all kinds of data including double byte characters as well.

Never Easier:

The interface of the tool makes your Microsoft OST to PST migration easier beyond belief. The interface of the tool only shows what is required to get the job done. It is clean, simple and provides you with all the necessary instructions to get the job done.

Retain folder hierarchy:

The tool helps you in retaining the folder hierarchies from your input files. This gives the output files produced an exactly similar structure. Thus, making your post conversion life easier.

You are recommended to use the Microsoft OST to PST converter free tool today.

Microsoft OST to PST

Get the free trial of the tool right here, if you want to open ost file in Outlook, Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail etc.

ost file in outlook

Opening OST file in Outlook – A Tool That Changes Everything!

Opening OST file in Outlook is not that easy because there is no in-built feature in Outlook to do so. When go to ‘File’ -> Import in Outlook client, you will find that the only option to import the data is from PST file.

Opening OST file in Outlook

And that’s also our answer. By converting OST file to PST, you can reach to the same outcome as opening OST in Outlook. PST is a personal data file as opposed to OST, which is an internal file. They both serve the purpose of storing data, but in a different way. Once you have converted the OST to PST, you can either open the PST directly or use the ‘import’ function to import everything to Outlook client.

But it’s not that easy to convert these files and their formats. As hinted above, the files may serve the same purpose of storing data but the context in which they function and their internal structure make it very hard for any convert to process the data in them without losing integrity and breaking the structure. Some generic converters can offer a mild success rate, but for many users, that wouldn’t be enough.

The Challenges

What that means is that the traditional OST to PST converters have many flaws and missing essential feature that can make your experience of file conversion a nightmare. Some of these flaws include:

  • Poor interface that doesn’t offer an easy interaction
  • Slow conversion speed, which can be painful for larger files to convert
  • Lack of proper options can make the tool impractical for many cases, such as:
    • No option to remove unnecessary folders
    • No option to exclude empty folders
    • Bath conversion not supported
  • Poor control over the data accuracy of converted files

There are many problems with a simple OST to PST converter built without proper planning and consideration, but the ones listed above are the main ones.

If you do not want to see that and want to avoid that, try OST Extractor Pro.

What is ‘OST Extractor Pro?’

It is a Mac OS X and Windows compatible software application for converting the files in OST format to many other formats, one of which is PST. You can also use it for converting OST to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Windows Live Mail, MBOX, and EML files.

opening ost file in outlook

OST Extractor Pro is nothing like other OST to PST converters and it certainly lets you avoid all the major issues that can come up with email file conversion. It has no such flaws as listed above.

  • With the smart interface, anyone can begin their conversion with ease and not worry about their lack of experience with such tasks
  • All essential options include, like splitting large PST files, batch conversion, folder selection, and more.
  • Splits large PST files by letting you set the maximum limit of the PST file you prefer
  • Extreme control over the accuracy of converted files. It doesn’t let any data item go missing or the data integrity to be compromised.
  • Unicode conversion supported (English and Non-English text is converted without issues)
  • There is an excellent set of algorithms that keep the folders arrangement same as original, which is not available with another ordinary tool for OST to PST conversion

How It Works

Time needed: 15 minutes

At last, here is a very simple tutorial on how to use the tool. Note that Mac and Windows version’s tutorials are pretty much the same.

  1. Add OST

    Start by clicking on “Add OST” to select the OST files you wish to convert. You can select the entire folder of OST files if you need to convert in bulk. Once the “explorer” window is started, you can go to the location of the files and just select them.

  2. Preview

    The tool will scan the files thoroughly and through each layer and you can see the contents of the selected files inside the preview section in their correct folder hierarchy (the hierarchy which is also kept the same in converted files. No folder is misplaced.)

  3. Select what you want to convert

    Do you have some old content that are no longer necessary to move to Outlook from OST to PST? You can simply uncheck them to exclude them from getting converted. This way you can get much cleaner and more organized data output.

  4. Ignore Empty Folders

    You can also choose to ignore all folders with no content/mails inside them by simply checking the box that says ‘ignore all empty folders.’ Why convert unnecessary data that only makes the management of emails harder for whoever must manage all that content.

  5. Select desire output format

    Choose ‘PST’ as the output (you can see all other available options for converting OST to, such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, EML file, or MBOX file)

  6. Click on ‘Convert’

    Finally, click on the ‘Start’ or ‘Convert’ button to begin conversion. Select the location where to save the PST files and click ‘save.’ Now just wait a few minutes for the process to finish. After that, you are free to import PST to wherever you want. The PST format is also applicable in Mac Outlook edition.

Get it to open OST file in Outlook

You can use the link below to get the installer. Double-click on it and install the tool. Initially, you can begin the free trial version to see it on your own. It limits conversion to ten emails, but the rest of its features are open for testing to let you dive deeper into its way of functioning and to help you make up your mind before getting the full, licensed edition.

open ost file in outlook

If you want to open OST file in Outlook, unfortunately that is not directly possible, but with the help of ‘OST Extractor Pro,’ you can convert it to PST and then open or import PST in Outlook. The tool features all the essentials needed for safe and quick conversion. There is also 24 x 7 technical support of USL Software you can rely upon to answer any of your queries or solve any of your problem if you face any.

migrate apple mail to thunderbird

Apple Mail to Thunderbird Migration – Here is how to Dodge all the Complications and Concerns!

Apple Mail to Thunderbird is an email migration task that can be rough on even experts in an IT department.

Apple Mail to Thunderbird Migration

This can be confusing and shocking to users doing this for the first time. But there is not a direct and official support for data migration across these clients. You can still use the MBOX file format. It is supported in both clients, but the process of doing that is long and tiring.

Which is why many users turn to solutions from third-parties. There are some decent software tools. They can help you make this task practical and efficient, but these are far few. And despite all they offer, they often have at least one or two missing components

Let us see how the alternative discussed here will do with this task.

Tool to migrate Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Mail Extractor Max‘ is nothing like the generic software tools. It is an unconventional but most effective way to move Mac Mail contents to Thunderbird. It does not leave any errors or integrity flaws.

apple mail to thunderbird

Here are certain notable features that you will love:

  • The program can detect and autoload contents from the Profile database of Apple Mail. It allows manually selecting any backup databases too.
  • The dedicated mechanism for Unicode text in emails and headers offer, for the first time, the 100% conversion of non-English content all the time and consistently.
  • It also brings the unified means of processing other intricate and complex forms of content such as graphics/photos, MIME content, attachments (non-textual, application files, and more), nested emails, text formatting, and so on.
  • Clever new approach to convert data while also keeping the folder hierarchy intact. You can expect for each and every folder to be mapped from Apple Mail to Thunderbird without misplacing or losing their order.
  • The speed can often be the most ignored aspect of generic Apple Mail to Thunderbird converters. But here you get a chance at prompt migration. The tool works with a lightning fast speed, with small, large, or any kind of Apple Mail database.
  • One more feature that may not fit the topic of this post is that it is an app to convert Apple Mail not just to Thunderbird but also to other formats including Entourage 2004/2008, Outlook Mac, Postbox, MBOX files, and EML files.

Easy, Accurate, Safe & Secure

And finally, if you are worried, you may not be able to use it, since there are so many options and features.You will highly appreciate the fact that UI is built for beginners in mind. The basic and minimal nature of the interface allows anyone to pick it up. You can get started right away without having any prior experience or expertise with email migration. The instructions, the features, and every other aspect are designed in a way to make intuitive sense, regardless of the skills of the users in this domain.

apple mail to thunderbird migration

Also Read: https://www.macsoftwarehub.com/import-folders-mac-mail-thunderbird/

The Support

If you still require any sort of assistance, the support team is ready to help you at any time of day or night. It is available 24 x7. That makes a huge difference in your experience, especially for migration projects in a large corporate work database.

Get it today

Mail Extractor Max‘ comes in different licenses (pricing packages) to make it economical for all the users with varying needs and goals, including large corporations who need to migrate data on many machines.

But before that, it is recommended to see the tool in action through the trial mode. And it is available to download page and is completely free.

entourage 2008 to outlook 2016

Transfer Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2016

Transfer Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2016 without affecting the integrity of the email files!

Tool to Transfer Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2016

Intentionally putting one’s email files in the harm’s way sounds like an absurd idea! After all, who would want to ruin years and years of data altogether? The answer to that question is essentially no one! However, many a times, individuals end up damaging their databases in their endeavor to convert the files from one format to the other. The reasons invariably lie in their wrong choices for pursuing the transfers. Take the task to transfer Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2016 for instance. This task can be best achieved if taken up via Mail Passport Pro.

transfer entourage 2008 to outlook 2016

Convert Entourage (*.rge) to Outlook (*.pst)

Mail Passport Pro is no ordinary tool and thereby the chances of messing up the conversions are nada. The tool has specifically been created to handle the complex job to transfer Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2016 and it never fails at it. On the contrary, this tool sets the benchmark for rest of the tools aiming to get the same job done. Its output is par excellence and remains incomparable on the whole.

Easy, Safe & Accurate

When Mail Passport Pro is put to the job to transfer Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2016, it ends up creating files that are mirror-images of Entourage files. The USP of this tool is that it makes it possible for even the naïve users to get the same results from it as an expert would. That is to say, regardless of the expertise level, one can create impeccable files with the help of this tool which makes the operation part easy and convenient.

Read on to know more about this tool. It can also convert Postbox, Apple Mail, MBOX, EML, OLM and Thunderbird to Outlook (PST).

Perfect Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2016 conversion in a world of imperfections!

Mail Passport Pro is the outcome of long thinking hours and vigorous efforts by the team from Gladwev Software. Multiple features have been incorporated into this amazing tool making it the best equipped for the Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2016 conversions task. Moreover, this tool has perfected the job over time.

If we look into the Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2016 conversions overall journey offered by this email conversion tool, then the following points would come to light:


The tool is extremely easy to use. One can navigate all the way from the beginning till the end on his/her own. However, when in need, the 24*7 customer helpline team can be approached too.


The results that come out of this tool are perfect replicas of the input files. Each and every element is recreated in the perfect location and the essential character of the mails is preserved too.


The conversions happen at lightning fast speeds. There is no time wastage unlike other tools.


While the tool is available in free demo version, the full version too is very rationally priced making this Entourage 2008 to Outlook 2016 conversions tool accessible to majority of the users. There are three license versions as well namely- Household, Commercial, and Enterprise. These are different in price as per the usability.

Mail Passport Pro – https://www.mailpassportpro.com/

Mail Passport Lite – https://www.mailpassportlite.com/

os x mail to outlook

Convert OS X Mail to Outlook for Win & Mac!

Data is the most precious resource today. The value of data in this online world is much more worth than anything. And that is why the impact of data loss or corruption is so much more than you can imagine.

Well, Converting OS X Mail to Outlook can send you through the same experience. The process of converting your data from a Mac based email client to a windows side email client is the best way to get it all transferred without any fuzz. But the problem is that it isn’t easy.

Help, is what you need to convert OS X Mail to Outlook properly

The process of email conversion is simple. You extract the data from the input file, convert it into another format and then store it in the output file. Simple, isn’t it? No.

There are many technical difficulties that stand in the way of your conversion process. Like the input format and the output format is completely different, the data to be converted includes multiple formats and encoding schemes, a lot of metadata also needs to be processed in order to achieve the perfect conversion and lot more.

So you need to have the right help by your side in order to do everything perfectly. That assistant comes to you in the form of Mail Extractor Pro.

The ultimate converter tool from the leaders of email conversion business, USL Software, offers you all the good you require for your OS X Mail to Outlook Conversion.

convert os x mail to outlook

It is a complete package and offers you the mix of all the latest features to ensure that you can convert OS X Mail to Outlook easily.

Never let things get out of control while converting OS X Mail to Outlook

Since the conversion process is so complicated and with all the data involved, your OS X Mail to Outlook Conversion can go out of hand sometimes.

The output file produced may not be able to replicate the arrangement of files that the input file supported. It is one of the most common problems that you can face while using an ordinary Mac Mail export MBOX to Outlook converter tool for converting OS X Mail to Outlook.

Mail Extractor Pro ensure that you don’t face any problem in retaining the folder hierarchy of the input file during the conversion process. The Mac Mail Mailbox export to Outlook converter tool retains the input data easily during the conversion process and even how the folder were arranged in the input file. Thus, producing the output file that is a copy of the input file.

You don’t need to know anything to successfully convert OS X Mail to Outlook

The knowledge of OS X Mail to Outlook Conversion to operate the tool is not mandatory. You can be a beginner in the field of email conversion and still can very easily be able to convert your data successfully.

That is the magic of this tool. It provides you with such an intuitive and intelligent user interface. The interface of the tool allows you to proceed with converting OS X Mail to Outlook easily. You just need to follow the graphical wizard that the tool offers and in a few clicks you’ll have your desired result.

converting os x mail to outlook

Download the free trial today

Get your free to download trial of the tool today and get started with your conversion process. The tool is designed to convert Mac Mail, Postbox, MBOX files and Thunderbird to Office 365 (Outlook).

mbox to pst migration in mac os x

MBOX to PST Migration in Mac OS X

Easy isn’t the word that usually comes to mind when you think of MBOX to PST Migration. The process is a full-on tech fest that involves extracting, converting and storing of your data. One step in the wrong direction can lead you on a steep slope of problems.

Hence, proceeding with caution is what is advised when you go through with your MBOX to PST Migration.

Grab a solution viable for your MBOX to PST Migration

The big question that arises after reading the first paragraph is how you proceed with your MBOX to PST Migration? Well, the modern-day process to find solution to any problem is to search for it on the internet. And MBOX to PST Migration is no different.

Searching the internet for how to start with MBOX to PST Migration, produces the result of going for a third-party converter tool. Third-party converter tools are your pathway to success. These tools provide you with everything that has been missing from your previous conversion processes.

The technically favored solutions offer you features like accuracy, efficiency, speed etc. That help you in achieving the conversion process of your dreams.

The increasing number of these converter tools justify their popularity but also creates a big problem. The problem of choosing the right converter tool. Not every converter tool provides you everything that it promises. So, it becomes very important to choose the right converter tool.

USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro provides you with the best option to go for. The tool offers you everything that you need to achieve that next level of conversion process.

MBOX to PST Migration

For starters, convert every little detail while going through with your MBOX to PST Migration

Conversion of every little detail present in the input file is the aim of every third-party converter tool out there. But achieving it is a still distant dream for many.

With Mail Extractor Pro you get to live that dream. The tool offers you the best in class conversion accuracy that helps you in converting all the data present in the input file. The data is converted down to the last bit during your MBOX to PST Migration.

None of it is modified on any level, thus the authenticity of your conversion process is retained throughout the conversion process. to add to that the tool also converts the non-English Unicode data present in the input file with ease.

The tool converts those attachments, images, calendar data etc., which your previous converter tool failed at to give you a perfect and complete conversion process.

The interface makes it easier for you to proceed with MBOX to PST Migration

Interface of any third-party email converter is one of its essential features that help in making everything easier. With Mail Extractor Pro you get one of the easiest to use interface that makes carrying out your MBOX to PST Conversion easier and better.

The interface of the tool only shows the relevant stuff necessary to carry out the conversion process. And it also provides you with informative wizards and dialog boxes at every step of the conversion process to make sure you don’t get lost.

Download the free trial of the tool today

Download the free trial of the mbox to pst converter software today and get started with your conversion process.

Convert Thunderbird to PST

The Right Method to Convert Thunderbird to Pst

There are many methods with which one thinks one can convert Thunderbird files to PST. One such method is manual method. This method cannot be used by anyone at all because of high level of skill it requires. One can however always use a tool to materialize the objectives of this task. Only a real professional tool used for this process will help you in making the conversion a success. One such best Thunderbird converter is Mail Extractor Pro by USL software program.

Thunderbird to PST


An amazing Thunderbird to PST converter tool such as this one will help you in all aspects of the conversion process. The tool will take care of everything and leave nothing to chance. It will give you the perfect beginning and the perfect end to the process.


The tool makes sure that customers do not have to face the hardship at all. This tool is so competent in the task that it never lets customers deal with any task related process at all. Customers do not have to worry themselves at all. Almost everything is taken care of with the help of this tool’s amazing technology.


The tool also makes sure that customers get the complete and most amazing Thunderbird to PST conversion. For this it makes sure that it converts every thunderbird file from mails to attachments to meta-data contents to PST format. Its accuracy is also spot on. It never fails produce clean, complete and successful conversions like these.

The tool also preserves all Unicode content. It has the ability to convert even double byte character languages such as Chinese and Japanese. The tool has been prepared according to the needs of modern times and it never fails to satisfy.


The tool also provides customers the opportunity to export multiple Thunderbird files to PST. This helps customers in urgent exportation. They can export as many Thunderbird files they like. They can also completely export the Thunderbird database to Outlook for Mac.


Customers can also enjoy the greatest finish to the task they can ever have. The tool preserves the folder arrangement which helps in easy access of converted files. The tool does this for ease in the post-conversion phase. It is so considerate and helpful.

So, this is the utmost right method to get the conversion process done. It will help you not just gain a successful conversion of Thunderbird files to PST format, but it will also help you gain the peace of mind you need for such a complex process.


With this tool, you have the amazing opportunity to check the tool without having to pay for it. The tool has a free trial version which can help you in deep exploration of the tool. This free trial version has all the premium features of the tool. One can see them in action for free with the help of this demo version. Download the free trial version of this tool from its company’s website right now (www.mailextractorpro.com or www.uslsoftware)!

convert gmail to pst

Gmail to PST Converter (Convert Google Takeout to Outlook)

Gmail to PST Converter

Problems are an inseparable part of email conversion. You will always face one problem or the other while converting your email file between any pair of formats. The secret to achieve a good conversion process is how you deal with these problems.

In today’s world the best to solve these problems in by using a third-party converter tool. Third-party converter tools are you helping hands that guide you through the conversion process and help in achieving a conversion process of your choice.

Third-party converter tools offer you a more technical way of rounding up these errors. They are smart, up to date and make it all a little easier on you.

Just grab the best Gmail to PST Converter in market and be done with your conversion process

Grabbing the best Gmail to PST Converter in the market is the most efficient way of solving all your conversion problems. And that comes to you by the name of Mail Extractor Pro.

It is by far the best MBOX to PST converter tool in the market, providing you with the all the best conversion features packed in one single tool. From accuracy to precision to ease, the tool offers it all to you. The strength of the tool lies in the balance between the features and the combination that the tool offers.

gmail to pst converter

Ignore those Empty folders, Breakdown those large files with this best Gmail to PST Converter

Ignoring what not to convert is as important as converting what is necessary. Mail Extractor Pro knows that and focuses only on what needs to be converted.

The tool ignores the unnecessary files and folder that need not to be converted. Those empty folders that just as sitting there without nay content only increase the complexity of the folder structure and the time invested in the conversion process.

This Gmail to PST Converter ignores those empty folders and freshens up the folder hierarchy making it look sharp and precise as well as makes the process go faster.

Another issue that previous Gmail to PST Converters have been facing is the problem of large PST files and how to convert them. Most Gmail to PST Converters have in the past failed at this very step. Large size of files makes them harder to convert and thus, cause unnecessary hiccups in the conversion process.

Mail Extractor Pro very intelligently breaks down these large files into smaller one before converting. Smaller files are easier to convert and maintain, thus, the tool protects all your data and easily solves the problem of conversion of large sized files.

Get the Gmail to PST Converter with the easiest to use interface

Interface is another vital part of any converter tool. The interface is the only way user can interact with the tool. It needs to be simple and easily understandable so that the user can deliver to the tool what it wants.

Most Gmail MBOX to PST Converter fail to provide you with such interface. But not Mail Extractor Pro. Mail Extractor Pro provides you with one of the simples to use interface out in the market. The interface of the tool only shows what is necessary to achieve a perfect conversion process.

Along with this the interface also provides you with informative wizards and dialog boxes at every step of the conversion process, ensuring that you don’t get lost during the conversion process. Making the process pleasant for you.

Download the free trial of the tool today

Download the free trial of the tool today and get started with your conversion process at WWW.MAILEXTRACTORPRO.COM

Get it today to convert MBOX Files (any *.mbox), Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox and Mac Mail to PST for MS Outlook.